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  1. Auto, PP and 3.73s from the factory

    I've been told that this is option you can order straight from the factory (not a dealer add on). Looking around in the online configurator I don't see it being an option, nor do I see it in the detailed available options for each trim level. Is this like a special order or how does one get...
  2. Pulling engine/trans forward

    I'm getting ready to pull the engine and trans out this winter and due to my limited garage space (especially up) I was trying to figure out if the engine would fit coming out straight forward. I was going to remove everything in front including the crash bar and upper tie bar and then wheel the...
  3. Massachusetts Ford Performance 2018-2021 Coyote Oil-Air Separator M-6766-A50A

    Lightly used for a few thousand miles. Comes with all mounting hardware. $130 shipped.
  4. Checking 10R80 fluid level

    So I went to the dealer to have them check the trans fluid level and see if it needed topped of after seeing many stories with the pan being underfilled from the factory. I went to drop off the vehicle, and the tech said he needs to go out and drive the car until the fluid temp got to about 200*...
  5. Question on active exhaust operation

    For those who have the active exhaust, can you confirm if the 2nd exhaust tip (not the one with the active valve based on drive modes) is completely open or completely shut? My non active exhaust has both tips open, and I know that on the active exhaust one of the tips is controlled by a valve...
  6. What is this noise? AC compressor while engine is off?

    Not sure when this started, but the other day I noticed this noise happening every 10 seconds or so while the engine is off? Seems to be coming from the AC compressor area. At 4, 11, 18 and 25 seconds in the video.
  7. Active exhaust retrofit without the actuators

    Might sound odd, but I would like to replace my non-active mufflers with the active ones but not necessarily keep the whole active valve operational. I don't care for the quiet/normal/sport/track options, I just want the loud. And yes, with a resonator delete the non-active mufflers are loud...
  8. Massachusetts Mishimoto trans cooler

    I have a brand new, never installed, Mishimoto trans cooler for the GT and V6. I have NOT registered with Mishimoto yet so the new owner can do so and enjoy their lifetime warranty. It came out to just over $400 new, asking $300 shipped.
  9. And we wonder why the US Postal Office is billions of dollars in the red

    I know it's busy season, and I know there's a pandemic going on...but cmon I think you can do better than this. UPS and FedEx are busting their ass to get all the online shopping deliveries done (which I imagine this year grew exponentially). I've seen some inneficient delivery routing before...
  10. PP vs GT350 calipers

    My initial plan was to upgrade my base GT brakes with the PP calipers as it's a direct bolt on swap. However I recently saw that LMR was offering a billet adapter kit that allows you to run the GT350 calipers on the GT and EB with either the 15" PP rotors or the 15.5" GT350 rotors. And in fact...
  11. Massachusetts WTB RTR Tech 7 19x10.5

    Prefferably 4, but will take a pair also.
  12. GT Pair (2) OEM GT350 19x11 wheels

    Have a pair of the OEM GT350 wheels (19x11 ET62) for sale. These are used but in excellent condition, no chips, cracks or scrapes. Was going to use them for a pair of drag radials but going a different direction. Asking $400 + any shipping, or local pickup in Massachusetts.
  13. SVE GT7 19x11 deal

    I won't link to this item on E, but LMR is selling brand new 19x11 black GT7 wheels for $81 a pop. A full set of rotatable wheels for $324 and free shipping. Just thought I'd let you guys know.
  14. SVE GT7 19x11 deal

    I won't link to this item on E, but LMR is selling brand new 19x11 black GT7 wheels for $81 a pop. A full set of rotatable wheels for $324 and free shipping. Just thought I'd let you guys know.
  15. GT Brand new APR carbon fiber splitter

    Have a brand new (just taken out of the box for pics) carbon fiber APR splitter. This is specifically made for GTs with the Performance Package, but after speaking with APR it will fit any 2015-2017 model the only difference is a slight difference in the font shape. These are usually right...
  16. Brembo caliper pins seized

    After watching several videos online about changing the rotors and pads on the 6 piston Brembos, I figured I was in for an easy job. Remove wheel, punch out the 2 pins, undo 3 easily accessible bolts and off come the calipers, pads and rotors. However I seem to be stuck on the very first (and...
  17. Massachusetts Brand new Mishimoto oil cooler 15-17 GT

    Got this for Christmas but ended up not installing it and now I'm going a different route with the car. This is 100% complete as it came from Mishimoto in the same packaging. Fits 2015-2017 GTs, but it can also be made to fit 18+ with a slight modification to the mounting bracket (although I...
  18. Aftermarket shifters and shift effort

    Ever since I got the car I've been wanting to do something with the shifter, but I just can't get over how nice and light the shifting feels with the stock shifter. All my older cars had MGWs or aftermarket shifters and I felt like I got a workout everytime I made a shift. I would love to get...
  19. GT500 track review

    Pretty good read. Like the fact that cooling was one of their top priorities with this car right off the bat.
  20. GT350 manifold differences

    Can anyone tell me the difference between the FP GT350 manifold (M 9424-M52) that retails for $1086 and the OEM GT350 manifold (GR3Z-9424-C) that retails for $639?