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  1. Getting the itch again.

    Ouch! It’s only like a $420 additional charge when you buy the kit. That’s insane!
  2. Getting the itch again.

    I would switch out your head unit for the D1X. That will help and then you will be limited by fueling.
  3. Anyone put Headers on their Mach 1 yet?

    There is a noticeable difference with Headers and a tune. Headers really wake the coyotes up a bunch. I haven't experienced any drone yet what so ever. I've got kooks and green cats currently and couldn't be happier. I am looking to get a double H pipe from lethal though to squeeze a little...
  4. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    Can anyone in Central FL recommend an install shop for the G3 kit?
  5. what exhaust you guys running with catless headers

    Had to look at his Youtube, but that was in sport mode. @LOL WUT do you have any in Quiet mode or normal mode?
  6. Finally picked up my New Mach 1 (Grabber Blue)!

    I good alignment helps a bunch too!
  7. Track Attack

    Just doing the one day driving class. I spent most of my time in FL up in the Pensacola area. Decided a couple years back that we wanted to try Tampa for a while.
  8. Triple 7 Performance Grill Lights?

    Same, I reached out when they said they needed someone as a beta car. Im only an hour from them too. But.. Chirp Chirp
  9. Track Attack

    I’m April 5-6.
  10. Track Attack

    Anyone going in April? I just signed up today for mine.
  11. Hard Parking: A Mach 1 Picture Only Thread.

  12. RIP Ken Block

    This year is not starting out right. I still can’t believe the news!
  13. Anyone put Headers on their Mach 1 yet?

    @Zelek What spacers did you use to get rid of the P0420 and P0430?
  14. Anyone put Headers on their Mach 1 yet?

    E85 will have to wait until after the LZ Invitational this weekend.
  15. Anyone put Headers on their Mach 1 yet?

    A10 and I just posted over there. Thanks!
  16. Up-dated*** Mach 1 Dyno Sheets (no Forced Induction)

    22 Mach 1 A10 Stock pull 438 Then added Kooks 1 7/8 GC headers and a tune (93) Pulled 457whp I’ve got a E85 map now I need to do pulls on still too.
  17. Anyone put Headers on their Mach 1 yet?

    100% stock for pull #1 and then headers and a 93 tune for #2. Also note they weren’t done on the same day due to part issues.
  18. Anyone put Headers on their Mach 1 yet?

    100% stock to Tuned with Headers. Working on burning off the rest of my tanks of 93 so I can switch to my E85 tune. I’m going to record my cold start tomorrow for the sound clips.
  19. Anyone put Headers on their Mach 1 yet?

    I'm hoping to have mine back by Thursday. Having them do a post dyno as well. Completely stock I pulled 438hp (yes all dynos read diff < for the haters). My Wengerd tune has been chillin on the car. So ready for the first rip.