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  1. Snow Stangs thread

    To those the drive these in the snow, how bad are they with dedicated winter tires?
  2. Four-month review

    What specs/ trim level do you have?
  3. 2023 Official Mach 1 Order Tracking Thread

    Thanks for going to track it down @shogun32 however I don't believe that's my actual car. My order was from Ourisman Alexandria and I didn't order elite pack or red calipers. Pretty cool regardless tho! Here's the VIN if it helps 1FA6P8R09P5499911
  4. 2023 Official Mach 1 Order Tracking Thread

    Posting this here in case there are ppl who either never got their MY22 order, are tired of waiting, or simply looking for an in stock unit. There is an in-stock and available M1 at Ourisman Ford in Alexandria, VA. Details are, 2023 Eruption green, non-HP, 700A, 6MT, optional magnetic painted...
  5. 2022 Mach 1 Whipple build

    Congrats, good to see you're able to drive it home
  6. 2023 Official Mach 1 Order Tracking Thread

    Wow first P chassis badge, cool to see. Congrats
  7. Have a Bullitt...Should I get a Mach 1 or a GT350 or just keep what I have?

    Cars on cars and bids consistently sells for much less than BaT. I forget what the seller fee is however.
  8. 3D printed oil funnels and oil filter guides temporarily halting production

    Why wouldn't a regular 5.0 oil funnel work on the M1? Is it the intake manifold that gets in the way?
  9. Texas 2021 Shelby GT500 For Sale - CFTP, Painted Stripes, 1251 Miles

    Gotcha. I think for a car with an asking price as much as yours, you'll get better luck on BaT or even forums like rennlist etc. A little too rich for the majority of M6G users... IMHO. Also as with any sports car, spring/summer is your best bet but you know that already I'm sure. It's a great...
  10. Texas 2021 Shelby GT500 For Sale - CFTP, Painted Stripes, 1251 Miles

    Have you considered Bring a Trailer?
  11. Door Sills Discolored

    Car is just drunk. Let it recover overnight and check back in the morning
  12. Have a Bullitt...Should I get a Mach 1 or a GT350 or just keep what I have?

    Go test drive a used mach 1 and a used gt350, ideally back to back if you can. I say used because 1) hopefully the dealerships are more willing to actually let you drive them and 2) they're post break in and you'll get a better feel for them, and won't worry about flogging it. Another thing to...
  13. Dealer just got in a 22’ Mach 1

    ADM on a MY22 non HP! 🤣
  14. RIP Ken Block

    What a legend, so sad. RIP
  15. 2022 Mach 1 Whipple build

    +1 Yes I should have also said thank you for documenting this, hopefully others can avoid th is in the future
  16. 2022 Mach 1 Whipple build

    OP I would be livid, and refuse the install and just go back to stock ASAP. This all looks super janky and likely to have persistent issues. It's your money at the end of the day, but just giving you a different perspective. get out while you can!
  17. Anyone made the move from a PP2 to a Mach 1?

    I don't know how much the M1 will hold it's value any more than say a bullitt mustang. Ford produced roughly 6000 per year between 2021-2022, and now with the shortened 2023 run, that's even more of them out there. With 12k+ produced, it will be hard to truly call these limited. I can see the...
  18. Anyone else happy not to drive their mustang and just look at it?

    I view automobiles as a form of moving art, so yes I enjoy them stationary, however enjoy them way more when they're being used as intended. To each their own, though!