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  1. Ham Radio Ops? (PM Call only)

    Anyone with privileges meet @ 20 MTR net? We could do a 6G net lol.
  2. Belly pan or skid plate?

    Venting. It seems no matter how slow I go over speed bumps in my neighborhood the damn belly pan keeps getting scratched. It’s gotten to the point where I’m not sure if it isn’t a skid plate. I’m contemplating putting the shipping blocks back in. Well, maybe not but it’s tempting. I might just...
  3. License plate light loose FYI

    Just a heads up, the license plate light on the back bumper is loose in its housing. Not sure if it causes a rattle when driving, but based on it moving loosely with my finger, it seems to rattle around pretty darn easily. Thinking about how to secure this better.
  4. Random Noises?

    Sitting in my garage, I haven’t driven since yesterday. Anybody else notice random solenoid/relay noises? Engaging/disengage type sound? Today I heard a slight tone afterwards.
  5. Climate related car attacks [CLOSED DUE TO POLITICS]

    Starting to hear about folks going after people driving V8 muscle cars, luxury cars and SUV’s. Be vigilant when driving and parking. I don’t DD my S550, but it seems while our world is becoming more climate aware, certain individuals are becoming more aggressive as they take the position of...
  6. Florida 2016 GT 4 piston calipers loaded with pads

    Hey there folks, sold my 2016 GT a while back. I had the Brembo kit installed at about 500 miles and put the OEM calipers in the F/P box. These are the OEM 4 piston calipers that I took off. The pads are there as taken off. $125 both sides left and right.
  7. If your Mach 1 was a rockstar who would it be?

    For me the answer is simple for many reasons…..Kid Rock, or course. He’s gritty, he’s rough, he’s direct, and he’s from Detroit. Not my #1 but it seems to fit.
  8. Hagerty increased value of 2021 Mach 1

    FYI, Yesterday I was informed by Hagerty who tracks the value of collector vehicles for insurance purposes, that the 2021 release year Mach 1 has risen to over $70K and climbing. Some may wish to alter coverage accordingly.
  9. Happy Australia day to our Aussie Friends

    Happy Australia day to our Aussie Friends...Happy day to our most loyal friends down under!
  10. All that’s left is the sound.

    Was in a relatives Z06 Corvette yesterday when at a traffic light a new car called LUCID sided us. It’s a gorgeous car, that is apparently electric and spanked the living crap out of the Z06. It wasn’t even close. These cars are becoming quickly more popular here. I suspect our expectations may...
  11. Florida FS 2015-17 OEM LH Tailight

    FS- OEM taillight. Driver side Left (USA) Looks near mint. Make offer. Thanks!
  12. Florida FS Ford Rubber Heavy Duty Mats

    Anyone needs floor mats, I have a mint set of the heavy rubber pony mustang floor mats. Make an offer! Thanks.
  13. Florida FS- New 2015-20xx PP Shock Mounts

    New Ford Performance Pack shock mounts. They are different than the premium cars. Never installed. Set of 2. $60 plus shipping.
  14. Florida FS: PP cowl extension brace part # FR3Z-63016A52-A Brand new and never installed. PP STB reinforcement. $25 plus shipping in conus. Thanks!
  15. Florida For sale - Take off stock 2016 Throttle Body

    2016 GT Premium. This is a take off at 1700 miles when I switched to the power pack 2. This is the OEM 2016 throttle body. $90 shipped in continental USA.
  16. Florida Take off 18” GT Premium Wheels and Tires Complete

    Guys, when I changed my premium to an F/P car, I took off these wheels and tires at about 150 miles. They’re complete, the bibs are still on the tires and the tpms and center caps are included. Best local offer. These are darn near mint and the tires are too. Stored in A/C.
  17. Florida FS- Take off PP Struts and one Shock

    Hi guys, Drove my street performance pack for about 1500 miles and one rear shock leaked. I upgraded to Bilstein and recently sold my GT, so I hope this can help someone local. Just shoot me an offer if you’re in need. Gotta get stuff outta my garage. Thanks!
  18. Old dealership photos

    So, I have a friend whose family owned a Ford dealership from the 1920’s until 1969. The dealership was Pletcher Ford aka “Fordtown”of Jenkintown, PA. Here is a few pics from the Mustang launch at the shop from 1964-5. Notice the cowboy girl. Look at the Shelby Cobras in the showroom! Many! In...
  19. Florida NIB Steeda IRS Braces

    $200. Located in sunrise. Brand new in box.
  20. Florida Steeds poly vertical links new

    Brand new steeds vertical links. Changed mind about any other car mods. Save some $$.. will ship with actual shipping cost. $150 plus shipping or local pickup in south Florida.