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  1. Wheel Help

    I know some of you guys are fitment experts so I need some help. I am currently on my stock 19x8.5 42.5mm wheels with 20mm spacers on all 4 corners. This makes the rear completely flush, while leaving the front a tad inset, maybe like a 1/4". I know Steeda recommended a 25mm spacer for the front...
  2. Drag Setup For Street

    Anyone running one? Let's see what you chose, and what tire sizes you chose. Is anyone running a 215/55/18 radial on the front with a 6" wheel?
  3. LMR XS5 Wheels

    I am seriously considering a set of these in Graphite for my Iconic Silver '22 Mustang GT. I know most people go with black, but I like to be different, as black is done a lot. I know there are far more aftermarket choices when it comes to wheels but I like the simple classic design of the 5...