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  1. My New Wheels - Not Sure I'm Digging Them Unfortunately

    Chrome for old school stuff. Maybe get a set of black wheels….I think the American Racing AR927 Barrage would look great.
  2. Cars you regret not buying

    -1993 Canary yellow/white on the showroom floor of Jack Byrne Ford in May of 1993. -1992 Feature car 10k miles 5spd/EQ with Gatorbacks Jack Byrne Ford April of 1994. -2004 Mach 1 Orange brand new Sheehy Ford -2020 GT350r new silver stripe delete black roof…for a great deal when a local dealer...
  3. Brand New And Broke

  4. Opinions on S197.2 from former owners

    12/13 Boss and call it a day. You will not loose on the car.
  5. Finally picked up my New Mach 1 (Grabber Blue)!

    A beauty….enjoy.
  6. Brand New And Broke

    I have also had good luck with my various cars and the MT82…my 13 Boss was the worst, but a Barton shifter cured it.
  7. Brand New And Broke

  8. Rolex 24 Dayton Mach 1

    rinse and repeat… in 3 years they can bump the hp and bring out twin tips…
  9. California 2021 Mach 1 Jet Fighter Gray 6 speed manual Appearance Package, 490 Miles 1 Owner $59,500

    Very nice car….I wish they did the Recaro stitching in orange.
  10. 2022 Eruption Green Saleen Black Label

    I sold the 19 kona blue one and now have the 22 orange .
  11. 2022 Eruption Green Saleen Black Label

    My 2 Saleen S550s
  12. 2022 Eruption Green Saleen Black Label

    I really like the current Saleen stuff. They are not for everyone, I get that….but I would encourage anyone remotely interested in one to at least test drive one. Also negotiate aggressively, seems like some Saleen cars grow roots on the lot….others sell in a day or two.
  13. 2022 Eruption Green Saleen Black Label

    Love the Saleen truck. My local dealer had a black one in the Spring and I had all I could do not to purchase it. It was awesome.
  14. Hard Parking: A Mach 1 Picture Only Thread.

    My 22 Mach 1
  15. I like it

    Pretty sure mopar had one with a 6.1 as well…
  16. Colorado (PRICE DROP) 2018 Royal Crimson GT PP2 w/6200 miles $36,500

    This is a very fair, probably excellent deal for a buyer. The tag info under options indicates that the car was originally a special order.
  17. Why do I use dash cameras?

    I wish he would go fight crime, but that would require some actual work.