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  1. MT82 - 1. Bucking at low speeds, clunking. 2. Stern Lawsuit

    Glad to see sense returning. :like: I will argue that changing the clutch spring DOES help—not the car, but the driver. It can make the engagement point easier to feel out, I felt it came on way too fast with the OEM spring. I do like the idea posed by @boB (you just got all kinds of cool stuff...
  2. MT82 - 1. Bucking at low speeds, clunking. 2. Stern Lawsuit

    ...Good for you? Again, your other mustang, whatever make/model it is and your 2017 are two completely different cars, with different engines and transmissions. If you've owned so many over the years as claimed, I'd expect you'd understand that they do not all shift, release, or drive the same...
  3. How bad is this???

    You sure there's no damage to the lip? It looks to me like that lower grille is shattered on the drivers' side. Might be light reflecting in at the edges, but also looks separated form the painted strip at the bottom. Definitely head to a competent shop that deals in framework. And as Red said...
  4. MT82 - 1. Bucking at low speeds, clunking. 2. Stern Lawsuit

    Clutch... switch? Software?? Programming??? Tuning???? Are we forgetting the definition of a manual transmission? If we are, a reminder: it's right there in the name. It is a powerful engine, with a lot of torque behind it. It is a manual transmission that engages and disengages at your...
  5. UnderHood insulation cover removal?

    It's probably the same material. It at least FEELS cardboardy.:crackup: The claim I usually see is that, in the event of an engine fire it'll fall down and smother flames which... no. No it will not.
  6. UnderHood insulation cover removal?

    Noise reduction, a bit of prettying up—same as the engine cover on the '18+. Anyone who comments about it being fire retardant—while that'd be nice, is also very false. (Seriously—it feels lije it's made of compressed cardboard and cheesecloth. How'd that rumor start???)
  7. UnderHood insulation cover removal?

    I'll do you one better and report back immediately :like: Unfortunately, I don't have the luxury of a wholly enclosed garage, so my ride sees plenty of rain. No issues. Mind that it all makes it down to the engine anyway, cover or not; that insulation's got a big gaping hole in it too. It also...
  8. What is your longest destination in your Mustang GT? For long journey or trip.

    2,200 miles, from Atlanta Georgia to Texas and back. Plenty comfortable.
  9. UnderHood insulation cover removal?

    I removed mine a few months back; haven't had any issues. Go for it.
  10. Scammed by Jackson1320

    He can drive whatever he'd like; don't go building any more engines though.
  11. Scammed by Jackson1320

    To use a portion of your spouse's real name with an allegedly documented and reported on criminal record, no less.
  12. Scammed by Jackson1320

    True—I suppose it falls under conspiring to commit a crime. Not sure. OP might do well to look into a lawyer in the wake of this. Awfully brazen to use your own name for it.
  13. Scammed by Jackson1320

    Well, this thread took quite the turn. Correct me if I'm wrong, but is it not quite the crime to impersonate an officer? That of course, includes detectives? Methinks this "Detective Sanders" should rethink her plans.
  14. Are there any wider versions of this factory wheel?

    And there's nothing wrong with that. :like: It needs to be said, lest someone get the idea in their head that they can just widen their stock wheels to hit the track instead of shelling out for a whole new set. As you say, failure is catastrophic at 130mph—and more...
  15. Never Again!

    ...Am I crazy, or was this thread, as well as Endo's comment, posted two whole years ago, and only just now being necro'd by the OP? OP, you a time traveller? :giggle:
  16. Are there any wider versions of this factory wheel?

    I get the initial skepticism—I do, 'cause I had it as well, but in researching I've found naught but standout reviews for Weldcraft, and absolutely nothing in the way of... we'll call them spectacular decompressions. :giggle: Even from here. The worst that could be said, as detailed in that...
  17. A sad day... RIP GT350

    I'll echo others, don't get your heart set on selling it yet. Find a good body shop, let them do their thing. I'd the same thoughts when mine took a hit, with the same notions of "it's never the same," but since getting it back from a good (albeit slow...) shop and going for a nice, long...
  18. Gt350 dark grey knobs

    Charge your phone first. :giggle: GT350s, and I believe 500s as well have gunmetal accents for all the places "chrome" is present in base GTs. eBay is probably your best bet if there is any.
  19. TINTING windows?!????... how do you stop window from going up to seal that 1/4 inch...

    That they do—and that our cars do. At like 1/8" of movement, though, it really isn't a huge deal. They told me not to roll them down for at least 48 hours, and nothing more. They most definitely did not yank a fuse and tell me to put it back in in a couple days. I think you may be overthinking...
  20. TINTING windows?!????... how do you stop window from going up to seal that 1/4 inch...

    Going on 2 years, no issues with tint peeling here. Admittedly I can't wholly recall, but I don't remember doing anything special for the windows. Just told not to roll em down. Installer may have done the heat gun trick Soulja mentioned. It's been long enough I can't recall. :giggle: