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  1. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    Without a fuel system I’d assume I’d have to go back to 93 currently tuned for e85.
  2. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    I’d like to be in the 700-750whp range.
  3. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    I plan on ordering the G3x this week. Currently I have catless lth, cai, ported 18+ manifold, catback, with 52lb injectors. Would you suggest bigger injectors and a BAP. What the advantages of swapping to a bigger fuel pump without a whole new return style fuel system. 2015 mustang gt
  4. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    Brad who tuned you?
  5. Maryland ‘15-17 AWE Touring exhaust

    Too bad you aren’t closer
  6. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    What’s the most power most are seeing out of the G2s. What’s the most power I can make safely out of g2 or 3 with ID1050s and vmp boost a pump on pump gas until I get a fuel system? Thanks in advanced
  7. My 2015 GT premium for a 2019 performance pack car

    Would you make this change talk me into or out of it. Plans with either car blower going on like now. Still need to do opg’s on either. Current car has longtubes, ported intake manifold, can, just bolt ons with a flex tune for e85. Would there be pro’s going to the 2019. It is a performance pack...
  8. Best O2 spacer/mini cat 15-17 GT

    I’ll order two sets now. Thank you again for the quick input
  9. Best O2 spacer/mini cat 15-17 GT

    Are these the orifices you’re talking about
  10. Best O2 spacer/mini cat 15-17 GT

    Thanks for the quick response man!
  11. Best O2 spacer/mini cat 15-17 GT

    Just looking to get some quick responses on how your experience have been with the many different types I’ve seen out there. I have stainless works long tubes catless with CEL on. Thanks
  12. RIP Ken Block

    A true LEGEND! RIP Ken, gone but never forgotten!
  13. Missouri 17” drag pack for 15GT near St. Louis

    I am looking for a set of rear 17” drag wheels not super picky. Possibly front too if the deal is right. I live in 63367 willing to drive a few hours away not really looking to pay for shipping unless the deal is right. Thanks in advance
  14. Texas 2 nitto 555 RII 275/35/20 $400

    Where are you located
  15. Texas 18+ boundary oil pump gears * sold *

    So this is 15+ correct?
  16. Maryland VMP Gen2R Head Unit

    How long has it been on the car/miles? Are you just upgrading?
  17. California WTB 15-17 intake manifold

    I have my stock 15 GT with 22k miles I’m in Lake St. Louis, MO
  18. California emission laws

    Well I flew out there and I was there several days visiting work and the surrounding areas. I will say the town of Monterey and it’s surrounding towns are pretty damn beautiful. Yet less the weather. I looked a bit crazy when I didn’t have a jacket/light coat on at night. Definitely gave away...
  19. California emission laws

    Well I got a job offer to relocate to Monterey, Ca. But I’m completely unfamiliar with the car scene there. Are there restrictions on what I can and can’t do with my car? I’d definitely have to invest in a gas saver having the 5.0 and the Yukon 😂 any help is appreciated
  20. Ohio 2017 Mustang GT Performance Pack OEM Wheels $500

    Where exactly in Ohio?