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  1. Cars you regret buying

    '05 Chevy SSR. I liked the idea, the style, and the 390 hp LS2, but it was not very practical in the real world. On top of that, GM was having financial difficulties, and with only about 24,000 of these made between '03-'06, I worried about the availability of the specialized parts it might...
  2. Which Car(s) do you regret getting rid off

    1956 Porsche 356 Speedster. I got it in '76. It started red, but I had it stripped, shaved the side mouldings, and painted it in black urethane. It was a blast, but when I moved from SoCal to northern Nevada I didn't think it the weather would suit it (no windows, just side curtains), so I...
  3. Battery voltage
  4. Is this weird?

    Pretty much the same story for me. I went to the dealership multiple times while I saved up the money to buy one outright, but just to look at them. Thanks to this forum I knew exactly what I wanted and that I'd be very happy with it. The salesman was a Mustang owner himself and each time I...
  5. Rim/Wheel Damage on a 2019 GT Black Accent Package (Need tips on fixing/replacing)

    As one who has also picked up a bit of curb rash, I wonder why these have gone out of style. Maybe we don't like the thought that others might think we're not perfect. I don't know. They worked 70 years ago and they still do. There are a lot of places to buy them online.
  6. Girlfriend mode toggle?

    I used to do the same thing many years ago. Back then, mine was an '05 SSR.
  7. Hyperformance Louvered Glass Windows: Install & Review

    Another well thought out review from the Dandee one! Helpful tips, great pics, AND they do make B.B. look even better. I was pleasantly surprised by the view from inside; no loss of visibility at all.
  8. Anyone else really struggle with glass?

    Thank you!!! I was ordering a new snow shovel after I wore out the metal strip on my old one, so I figured I'd try some of these cloths. They came today and I gave one a test drive around the kitchen. Stove top, porcelain tile counters, stainless appliance fronts, etc. Wow! Something that...
  9. Good Cabin Air Filter for 2020 GT?

    Very high quality, with charcoal. They also sell air fresheners in different scents that snap into the filter, if you want to spice the air up a little.
  10. Need help: '23 GT w/ PP + Magneride. I want to seamlessly swap the OEM PP wheels out but don't understand Brembos + Magneride limitations for wheels

    IMHO, staggered or squared, you can't go wrong with SVE wheels from LMR. The site says '15-'22, but your '23 is just the same. I have had their 19x10 wheels on my '20 PP1 w/ Magneride for more than two years and have had no issues.
  11. Love Letters to B.B. — 60 Day Newbie Review

    Congrats on the car and the personalization you've done so far. That's got to be the best (and best written) review I've ever seen. As someone with zero artistic talent, I really envy your artistic skills. I love the "looks like a horse, howls like a coyote" piece. You should copyright that...
  12. Saw a Mustang with a Montana plate today in Massachusetts

    Thanks. I agree and I am grateful that they offered it just in time when I got the car back in '20.
  13. Alternator

    Maybe this will help -
  14. Saw a Mustang with a Montana plate today in Massachusetts

    LIving in northern Nevada, this one was a no-brainer for me, plus the fee goes to protect our local wild horses.
  15. Name something on your Mustang that's working as designed and is really irritating.

    The mirrors! Every time I look into the rear view or the side mirrors I see an old man. Same thing happens in my house though, so maybe I shouldn't blame the Mustang...
  16. Differences between 2016 and 2020 Mustang GT

    I'm no expert, but I do own a '20. The MT82 in the '20 is the D4 version, which had some shifter fork issues at first that were corrected by the '20 model year. I'm not sure, but I think the gear ratios are different than the '16 had. Some of the engine differences between the Gen2 and the...
  17. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Did you reset the battery management system?
  18. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    MGW has no collar, and no plastic parts to break. You just push the stick down to shift to reverse.
  19. What knob is this?

    You might want to call or email MGW with a couple of questions. They're good at responding. Ask if the shifter you ordered has the same threads as the stock one, and if not, what threads will it have. If you got a flat stick it'll definitely be different. Also ask if they think a 15 oz. knob...