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  1. Fast Grocery Getter

    Blasphemy! Also me…….
  2. Fast Grocery Getter

    My ice cream hasn't melted yet :thumbsup:
  3. Floor Mats Question

    Custom made, all pile, no embroidery, shaved to give the the 3 dimensional feel, and stupid expensive.
  4. 2022 Shelby GT500 Heritage Edition sells for $1,000,938 at auction 🤯

    I almost replied to that comment, but refrained. I have built a few 1,000 HP Whipple'd mustangs, so I know exactly where he is coming from. I will say, there is not one area that a higher horsepower GT/Bullit/ or whatever version you wanna compare, that can out perform, out do or whatever...
  5. Jmeo's 2020 Shelby American GT500 SE Wide Body Build

    It's been a while, and not much going on around here. Car continues to bring smiles per mile! She's tucked away for the winter, but I got some cosmetic upgrades in the works. The car is mechanically everything I need, so what else is there to do? Found this from a guy on Fakebook who even...
  6. CFTP Wing by MPR Performance

    As a buyer you will be fine with PayPal. Sellers get hosed by PayPal, no questions asked. In your case, it sounds justifiable. Good luck.
  7. Predator goes out in style for the GT500
  8. CF part needed

    True, gotta get in line if you wanna get in the ring.
  9. CF part needed

    I called, unfortunately no. 16 ish week wait time.
  10. '09 GT500KR or '19 Supercharged Bullitt?

    Depends on the car. I have 2020 GT500 that I sent to SA, post title, for the Signature Edition and I would much prefer this caliber car being built by Ford Performance first, then sent to SA. CSM# = real Shelby, regardless. Now, I am a believer of GT500 born cars being converted by SA to be the...
  11. New Member here checking in

    Welcome :beer:
  12. Guess it's my lucky year with ford

    Congratulations! I loved my Maverick for the short time I had it. My Lightning came in earlier than I expected, and I don't need three vehicles to drive, so one had to go.
  13. Super Snake

    Hi Dave, they will do wide body on non branded (CSM) cars. A friend of mine is sending his 2020 GT500 for wide body, and some other hand selected things. It will not be a SA CSM car. You must of talked to Chris Ruby. He was my POC, and he was amazing. They lost a great guy when he left the...
  14. Want to hear a joke? 30k+ ADM

    Another ADM thread? The haves -vs- the have nots part 689.....
  15. Sway bar chat!

    So I can't give you an.absolute answer because I hadn't driven my car for over a year while it was at Shelby American. That, and they changed the springs to adjustable height springs. A few months after having the car back, I took them out for stock CFTP springs. So, 1.5 "ish" years between...
  16. The "how to disable the data link to Ford" thread

    My trickle charger keeps mine from ever going into deep sleep.
  17. Sway bar chat!

    They do, that's what Shelby American installed on my car. Slightly bigger than stock CFTP if I remember correctly.
  18. MoTeC M150 Package for 2020+Shelby GT500

    Me too. It helps knowing I am not the only one who has sunk a couple bucks into my car, haha. Keep us posted Steve, we need the content, its dryer than a popcorn fart around here.
  19. Super Snake

    My comment to the OP: I absolutely love Shelby American. I have met most of the hierarchy personally, and they are all freaking amazing people that I now call friends. I truly love owning a real Shelby American car, and it brings me joy everywhere I go. Putting aside what it should or...
  20. Super Snake

    I was going to stay out of this conversation, but since you mentioned me, I thought I would share what I know. The first modern error "Super Snake" was born a GT500. It is that simple, the Super Snake was the pinnacle of all Shelby American models, but it had GT500 DNA from the get go. When...