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  1. Does accepting a Cash & Keep diminish the car value?

    With it being a daily driver, I can see why it feels riskier to take the cash and keep it. Certainly wouldn't want to find yourself in a similar position in a year, for example, with fewer options available to you. Alternatively, the coyote motors overall are generally reliable. The odds of a...
  2. Does accepting a Cash & Keep diminish the car value?

    I think this question would be easier to answer if we knew what your intentions were for this car before the engine was replaced. How long did you plan to keep it? Is it a weekend warrior, track weapon, or daily driver? How have these been impacted by the lemon status? How much time do you have...
  3. Me and my old mustang photos -Post pics of your old Mustangs

    I'd say your only problem is getting rid of any of these 😲
  4. Me and my old mustang photos -Post pics of your old Mustangs

    I've owned 2 so far. First, the 03 Mach 1. Then, the 15 EB PP. My dad's first car was a 69 Mach 1 428 CJ. So, when the Mach 1 returned in 03, he had to get one. He passed away as I was graduating high school. When he got it, he added a plaque inside with his name and build date. Well, I'm a Jr...
  5. What's the lowest price you've seen for a ~2015 mustang ecoboost manual?

    For what it's worth, just after New Year's I sold my 2015 EB 6MT PP with 61k miles to a dealer for $15.5k. I'm assuming they're expecting at least $20k from whomever they sell it to. So, if you're thinking $16k is steep for one that is comparable to what I had, the market may not be where you...
  6. Which euro taillights do you guys recommend?

    I think the Form tail lights are relatively newer, while I know the Renegade series has been out for a while. I had the Renegade smoked Euros (15-17 style) on my 15 EB for a few years and loved them. They're plug and play so, super easy and quick installation. Didn't lose anything in terms of...
  7. MX-5 - Second Car?

    Well, you're talking about buying a second car; it's rare to have to worry about your second car being practical. Especially since one could argue whether it's even practical to own a second car at all. So, I think the real question is what do you want out of a second car? Why are you looking...
  8. Can someone explain VA gov't and Ford to me?

    Well, it's hard to say for sure, and hopefully my answer is considered as apolitical as possible (I definitely don't want to get into any trouble in these forums). It could very easily be political posturing on Youngkin's part. That said, the government within China is a big backer of the EV...
  9. How much is my car worth? 2019 PP2

    There are a couple PP2s that have been listed in the forums here recently. That may be a good place to help get you at least a rough idea of its value. Certainly a decent place to start anyway. Looks like one in CA just recently sold that was listed in the low $30s and another in CO appears to...
  10. Average Age Of Owners.

    Very cool! My wife's a nurse, so she made me promise to never get a motorcycle before we got married. I weaseled my way into having her agree to let me have any cars I wanted if I made that promise 😏
  11. Average Age Of Owners.

    33 and awaiting my first brand new mustang (23 GT in shipment right now!), 3rd I'll have owned overall... so no, this isn't a mid-life crisis 👀
  12. New Mexico ISO Mustang GT Premium PP2

    The OP of this listing just indicated this weekend that this one is still available:
  13. Amber Deleted Headlights?

    I don't know how to do it myself. So, I'm not entirely sure about all that it entails. If you're just looking for directions, I'm having difficulty finding them with a couple searches. Maybe I'm not using the right key words. But, in case you are just looking for where to buy them, you can get...
  14. Mustang to end in 2029 [LOCKED DUE TO POLITICS]

    I'm not saying I'm eager to see cool ICE cars go. My dad was a mechanic and passed his enthusiasm for cars to my siblings and me. BUT, I'm just going to drop this here:
  15. Vehicle inspections in NC

    How recently did you move to NC btw? I just moved here in August (Raleigh) and learned if you're registering your car for the first time from out-of-state you don't need an inspection until you renew your plates the following year. So in case you were unaware and are only now registering your...
  16. Ford Lightning owner powers home essentials for 2 days and still had battery left in the tank

    That's really cool. Kinda makes me want a Lightning. The more stories like this that come out are definitely great for the marketing team.
  17. Best Windshield Cover - Help Needed

    I know what you mean about the price. I'm cheap by nature, so I just asked for it for my birthday when I got mine lol. It worked out that was only a month later. So, I've had mine for about 4.5 years and I parked mine outside everyday with it in there until recently. It hasn't really shown any...
  18. Best Windshield Cover - Help Needed

    I've got the custom Covercraft shield that's specifically cut for Mustangs. It fits very well. The outer edges allow the slightest bit of light in at times. But overall, I've been happy with it.
  19. Looking for a Keychain for my fobs...what are YOU using?

    I've been rocking one similar to this for a few years now...