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  1. XxdarkridderxX journal

    Haven’t been driving the mustang much at all, damn salt all over the ground. I did take her back to the detailer so they could make sure the Ppf stuck hood and they could show me how to properly wash. Only have 100 miles on her so far.
  2. Brembo front brakes and rotors question

    Would cross drilled be a downgrade from factory pp1 rotors?
  3. My car is scheduled for production!

    Congrats! What production number ya get?
  4. My car is scheduled for production!

    The wait is the worst!
  5. GT500 ADM disappearing

    I’m just asking… your about to spend how much money and another 5k is going to break a deal?
  6. Four-month review

    that’s what I’m reading is a lot of complaining also and they need to be warmedup. im Just breaking her in so I haven’t had much experience yet.
  7. Four-month review

    How are you feeling about the Pirelli tires?
  8. Couldn’t get fluid film on in time…

    Yeah, I don’t put much miles on my cars about 3-4k a year.
  9. What is the Fastest Speed You Have Reached, and for How Long?

    100 in the mustang so far 110 in a Chrysler pacifica 140 focus st 160 zx12r
  10. Couldn’t get fluid film on in time…

    So I couldn’t get fluid film sprayed on the undercarriage and had to drive the car to work. well the snow moved in and salt is getting put on the roads that I will have to drive on. should I be real worried about rust forming from driving with salt on the ground one time or possibly a few...
  11. Introduce yourself!!

    Looks awesome! You gonna daily it?
  12. XxdarkridderxX journal

    Picked the mustang up from the detail shop today, I think the ppf and ceramic coating turned out great! the weather was 37 with wet roads. I was worried about driving the car with the Pirelli tires and I’ve read that at lower temps they turn hard and turn into hockey pucks. The car did good...
  13. Introduce yourself!!

    That color is soo awesome!
  14. XxdarkridderxX journal

    Detailed sent me some more pictures….
  15. XxdarkridderxX journal

    I was surprised with the mustang by my wife and drive it about 20 miles then dropped the car off at the detailing shop.. they were nice enough to send me a few pictures of how it’s going ppf on the front, ceramic coating and window tint
  16. XxdarkridderxX journal

    This will be my journal of how the car comes along. don’t have a whole lot planned just yet besides get out and drive Her.
  17. New guy here, 2017 GT

    She looks great already!
  18. Dreams Do Come True! Pulled the trigger on 2022 FJG Mach 1

    Congratulations awesome ride!!
  19. Introduce yourself!!

    Hey everyone! from Toledo Ohio here. my wife ordered me a 2023 mustang GT PP in September. She didn’t tell me that she ordered the car until about three weeks later. she listened to what I wanted and added a few extras knowing that having a brand new mustang was a dream of mine ( I’ve had two...