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  1. Dyno testing the New Cobra Jet Intake Manifold | Gen 1 vs Gen 2

    Would be something if FP had a reasonably priced complete Cobra Jet Carb EO Power Pack and calibration for both A10 and Manual for 18+ that would be some good package including all pieces, procal, EO label, and I am sure lowering engine pieces thrown in.
  2. Help obtaining GT/CS emblem part number

    Seems to not even show up on levittown ford parts or any other site I'd go to a shop and get it a better clear coat or film, they scratch like crazy even by looking at them 😂
  3. Help obtaining GT/CS emblem part number

    So you found the new part #. So what is it?
  4. Help obtaining GT/CS emblem part number

    a shame it got discontinued, I was interested in it. I finally saw a 2022 in the show room and gave a closer look at it and liked it.
  5. Dark Horse S650 Mustang spotted in Blue

    Yeah I spend time trying to UV coat it over time to not get to that point. That Dark Horse will be more work to maintain.
  6. It's HERE! 🎉 Elite Series Sequential Foglight for 2018+ Ford Mustang | Diode Dynamics

    So far mine still works even in 90 degree weather, I have the lamps set to US spec blinking and I did not tap in or use the extra wire for DRL. Wonder if the DRL tap in and connector increase chance of hyperblink?
  7. Mach1 front bumper

    Might need to reset the upper grill clips, I had to do that on my aftermarket bumper, some clips were not fully clipped in yet leaving a gap on the bumper surround.
  8. Mach 1 Front Bumper - anyone making one yet?

    Shelby Super Snake available from the direct supplier on Alibaba it only ships in GT-H format, The lower splitter is not included.
  9. Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    I recall they did revise something in the kit and I had received the updated kit Well at least I got the updated kit, has the 90% connector vs the straight one that earlier kits had.
  10. Mach 1 Front Bumper - anyone making one yet?

    I took the chance on this one instead of waiting on the Mach 1 bumpers, I wanted ACC to work 100% and no way of knowing until someone actually installs the Mach 1 bumper and tests ACC.
  11. Tiny door dings

    I have a dent that if I look hard too on my hood raised edge probably from a rock for from the factory but I can live with it and will save it as a discount dent if I happen to get a second dent that gets my OCD.
  12. Tiny door dings

    Oops typo I meant PDR Pushing dents from inside are risky
  13. Tiny door dings

    my PDL guy discounts down the more dings present, 1 is not worth it but if you report more dings, then the price gets better. Not recommended to try to fix it from inside or mess with it, unless your a PDL pro.
  14. Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    I wondered why this was getting all darkened.... just realized that it was from the liner and seems to be pressed and digging into to the hood liner over time. Was there some issue a while back that this bracket was cracking?
  15. Mach1 front bumper

    Is it textured? My body shop would not warranty paint on textured plastic.
  16. Cervini 4 Inch Cowl Hood - Mustang GT (2020)

    yes it is for stuff like cobrajet manifolds without dropping the engine.
  17. New LMR M1HP and GT500 wheels

    Are those OEM pony caps?
  18. CALIFORNIA SPECIAL S550 Mustang Thread

    I saw a local 16-17 gt/cs with the ford performance gt350 cat back and diffuser kit and it looked good.