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  1. Replace door and rear deck using factory amp

    This is incorrect information. The stock B&O speakers are 4 ohm for all the fronts. The tweeter and Mid are wired in parallel to two ohm. I can swear to this as I’ve actually measured the impedance of my stock speakers when I removed them.
  2. Replace door and rear deck using factory amp

    Yes you can do it as long as you match the final impedance loads. The stock amp doesn’t seem to put out clean signal at lower ohm ratings and has been known to damage aftermarket speakers when pushed too hard.
  3. Pressure Washer for "Foam Cannon"

    The Griots Garage foam cannons work really well also. Keep in mind, the cannon only works well if you pair it with the correct restrictor. If you don’t you could end up with either a runny soap water or very fluffy soap bubbles that won’t stick to the car. Obsessed Garage had a good chart to...
  4. GT500 CFTP GT4 style wing mount set

    Well now what the hell am I gonna do with all this cooked popcorn? 🤣
  5. Advice amplifier

    Number of channels depends on how you want to run your system. If you want to be fully active you’ll need one channel per speaker and that usually means at least two amps. If you want to run your system passive then you can get away with a 5 channel amp. But, since you went through all the...
  6. GT500 CFTP GT4 style wing mount set

    LOL oh man, where’s my popcorn cause once Tom sees this it’s going to get interesting 🤣
  7. Mecum CFTP Heritage

    It’s Cali and their ADMs show it 🤣
  8. Mecum CFTP Heritage

    Not a chance lol
  9. Mecum CFTP Heritage

    I sent them a polite email explaining why they are wrong and where the “225” came from.
  10. Pressure Washer for "Foam Cannon"

    Get the down tube mod for the DIC 20 and you won’t need to buy the expensive cartridges. You can buy the resin in bulk and mix it yourself plus the canisters will hold much more resin without the wasted space of the cartridge housing.
  11. Pressure Washer for "Foam Cannon"

    How’s your water hardness? I’ve been using a CR Spotless for wash and rinse and I won’t ever wash without it now lol.
  12. Help: 9 Speaker Sound System Upgrade Wiring

    If you want maximum views you should start your own post. We’d need more info about the parts to tell you what they are.
  13. GT500 ADM disappearing

    What Jack said, those small town dealers get maybe 1 or 2 allocations.
  14. Mecum CFTP Heritage

    Just saw another female HE owner post on Facebook. That makes three that I’m aware of.
  15. Mecum CFTP Heritage

    Kathy Hollis has one, she’s pretty active on Facebook GT500 pages and is a regional director of Blue Mustang Registry.
  16. Mecum CFTP Heritage

    There’s a member who has been cataloging window stickers for 2022 build. Currently he is over 1900+ different builds and 38% of them are in BB. That’s 700+ HE cars just from his research. And if we can assume there’s at least 3000+ GT500s built this year that could mean well over 1000 HE...
  17. GT500 ADM disappearing

    Dealers have zero incentive for cash deals. Sure, they’ll take a cashiers check but good luck negotiating the best deal without financing through them. As stated they pull points from financing for a nice kickback.
  18. GT500 ADM disappearing

    That was sarcasm
  19. GT500 ADM disappearing

    All I know is people who complain about ADM all the time better be buying their houses at cost of material and labor and not market price 🤣🤣🤣
  20. Hyperformance Louvered Glass Windows: Install & Review

    Get them tinted before you install them. Makes it so much easier for the tinter.