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  1. AWE Touring vs Borla ATAK

    Thanks guys that helps. @meraki autowerks mines a 2017, so no valves. STNG50
  2. AWE Touring vs Borla ATAK

    Which has less interior noise ? STNG50
  3. Borla atak or Corsa xtreme cat back?

    Brola ATAK will be closer to the AMG sound
  4. oil smell

    Your valve covers may be leaking sightly onto the headers. mine just started doing it Check the bolts on the valve covers as a few were loose on mine, especially the ones at the back near the firewall. That is probably where it is leaking from...
  5. Worth switching Borla Ataks to Corsa Extremes

    ATAKs are a bit deeper sounding than the Corsas
  6. Anyone running Borla Ataks?

    Sounds like you have made up your mind. Good choice and you wont be disappointed with the ATAKs
  7. Ford Racing Sport vs Touring muffler identifiable physical difference?

    Was this ever confirmed ? That picture looks like my sport muffler. I would also love to know what muffler is used in the "EC" type Ford Racing catbacks. Do they use the Sport or Touring muffler with the EC type "worldwide" setup ?
  8. Ford Racing by Borla Touring/Sport Cat Back for sale

    Hi sudaf, so you are saying it is louder with the H instead of the X pipe ?
  9. OTR CAI

    That's the one. Very expensive though. RBS550 is getting some amazing times with his setup though.
  10. OTR CAI

    Its a good idea and has been proven on the LS motors. What gains do you get with that down the 1/4 Mile? The LS guys were dropping times by .1 or so when switching to an OTR back in the day. I only know of one shop selling these for the s550, but they charge big $
  11. Florida WTT nearly new Borla ATAK axleback for Ford Sport axleback.

    I've got a Ford sport with chrome tips and willing to trade. Not sure what the shipping to Sydney Australia would cost though ?
  12. Issues installing rear lowering springs

    Looks good. What springs did you put in ?
  13. What did you do to your Aussie S550 today..

    /\ defininitely not the easiest wheels to clean. Some simple 5 spokers make the job much easier.
  14. vibration when braking above 50MPH

    Id say it's warped rotors if nothing has been changed just before the vibration started
  15. Tune only performance gains ?

    Hi everyone, Has anyone had any improvement in quarter mile times or power output with only a "tune" on a 15-17 GT ? I cant seem to find any threads that go into this aspect of "tuning" benefits. Please share your experiences with remote/ dyno tunes.....
  16. WTT Ford performance SPORT Axle back for Borla ATAK Axle Back

    Still available if anyone has a Borla to trade for.
  17. 5.0 Airbox

    Make sure all the bolt holes line up properly and wiggle it into place. And make sure that the rubber seal at the front of the intake snorkel connects cleanly to the part on the grill without pinching. Lining up the intake snorkel is the most tricky part. Reach into the snorkel via the lower...