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  1. 15-17 Ikon GT500 Bumper Review

    Lol I was going to say that! But all you have to do is flip it around haha
  2. 15-17 Ikon GT500 Bumper Review

    No not yet I’m sure they will come out with a revised one after all the complaints
  3. 15-17 Ikon GT500 Bumper Review

    So it’s not a illusion it’s a poor design by MP I wouldn’t buy this bumper again I would stick with the ikon style it’s better quality I can fix the problem easily but I haven’t had the motivation to take the bump off again to fabricate more grill mounts to keep it level
  4. 15-17 Ikon GT500 Bumper Review

    Cars dirty but I finally got the Cervinis hood in today I’ll take better pictures once it’s clean
  5. Texas GV2 42243 Men's Liguria Swiss Automatic Watch - $2,300

    New in the box watch retails for 2700+ on eBay or amazon I’m Willing to trade for steeda street k member and cash asking 2300obo GV2 Men's Swiss Automatic Watch from the Liguria Collection 42mm Round Silver Case, Ceramic Rotating Bezel Blue Dial, Date Magnifier 316L Stainless Steel Deployment...
  6. 15-17 Ikon GT500 Bumper Review

    Just zip them up and out of the way
  7. Virginia 2015-2020 Mustang Air Lift AutoPilot V2 Air Suspension System

    Uhhhh yeah I did I posted the link above long ago lol it’s sold now obviously posted March 11 2020
  8. GT500 Bumper Conversion?

    having to modify it to fit the turbo exhaust but Here’s what it will basically look like
  9. GT500 Bumper Conversion?

    you can use your factory turns it mounts the same way on the back it just less parts then ikon. With this bumper I went with opt7 lights the factory lights are ugly in my opinion. And yes the are the same bumper has the most concept molded in the bumper.
  10. GT500 Bumper Conversion?

    Yeah it’s big lol it replaces the belly pan yes it’s the MP concept bumper same as American muscle I didn’t order the cheap i5 lights with it I went with opt7 looks cleaner than factory and other options available. Yes and no on the side wheel splitter question I was hoping you could leave...
  11. 15-17 Ikon GT500 Bumper Review

    I went with the i5 one and noticed the splitter is weak and will bend down under air pressure. Anything after market will require some alterations to make it perfect i just got mine in and I’m working all the kinks out just mounted the oil cooler going to make a air duct/tunnel that feeds to it...
  12. GT500 Bumper Conversion?

    I just installed mine with the M oil cooler had to fabricate some brackets I just received the apr splitter for the GT500 bumper and I’m waiting on the cervini GT500 hood to arrive should help keep the heat down from the turbos
  13. Michigan BMR Street/Strip K Member in hammertone

    Dose it allow the use of the sway bar
  14. New Jersey Hellion Twin Turbo Tuner Kit S550 15-17 GT Top Mount

    It dose I have a 18 on my 16 only thing you need to change is the driver hot pipe and get the oil sump pump from hellion
  15. Texas 2019 OEM tail lights

    Where in tx?
  16. CMST USA clearview carbon fiber hood - anyone have it?

    Try eBay ? That’s where I first seen this one
  17. CMST USA clearview carbon fiber hood - anyone have it?

    I’m going say no! Because the 18+ have a different front slope and headlight shape
  18. Virginia 2015-2020 Mustang Air Lift AutoPilot V2 Air Suspension System

    I texted him about it he sent more pictures and said less than 7000 miles on it...
  19. Virginia 2015-2020 Mustang Air Lift AutoPilot V2 Air Suspension System

    Man this exact kit is going for 1400 with two 444c compressors. I’m watching for a 3p seat up seen one go for 1600 I should have got it then