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  1. Can we have a funny meme thread? (NO POLITICS!)

    Wilt vs in perspective.
  2. Post pictures of your animals

    Winslow thinks he's a Husky lol. His beloved frisbee cracked from the cold and his teeth! Had to herd him to come inside, he was just laying out there like it's nothing.
  3. Post pictures of your animals

    Those tongs are going to hurt on the way out!
  4. 2020+ hpp tune question

    I can confirm the only redeeming quality of the stock IC... it only weighs 11 lbs and all of that weight is just about as far forward on the car as can be. My CVFab street IC was 20+lbs heavier.
  5. Snow Stangs thread

  6. Suction cup bike Rack.

    Hitch rack is where it's at. I can see using the Sea Sucker for road bikes, they're lighter and relatively clean compared to a mountain bike. No way I'm having my filthy bike hovering over the paint!
  7. Post YOUR home made meals or sandwich

    Corned beef hash, straight from the can but the poached eggs are all mine. Finally found a way to cook them perfectly every time.
  8. Snow Stangs thread

    Yesterday driving up the state forrest road, just a little icy. Got a text from a buddy riding in the middle of the woods 'Guy with the loud blue Mustang is here'... he drives a Volt lol
  9. Snow Stangs thread

    Yellow car was leased, 2016 EBPPP. Ruby Red replaced yellow car, 2019 EBPPPP that the dealer let me order and lease. Wanted a GT but didn't want a low option model. Blue car replaced Ruby when its lease was up, bought just as dealerships came out of Covid lockdown so I managed to get a car I...
  10. Post pictures of your animals

    Awesome 'winter' day here.... bright sunshine, softening snow and temp reached 45*F Winslow thrives in these conditions.