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  1. Air/Fuel E85?

    If it is flex fuel running like e54-e70 11-12 would make sense. True e85 would be closer to the 9.8-10 as described.
  2. Dumb SC question

    Keep in mind the fuel system upgrades you will need for e85 on boost when budgeting.
  3. How would you rate the Borla S-type Catback on the loud scale?

    There really should be no measurable difference besides sound it is not meant for performance really. Other than standard deviation between pulls. Maybe a delta of 2whp if that.
  4. 2017 Mustang gt tuning problem

    Swap back to stock intake and tune and it works fine? Can he tune it on the stock setup just fine? Was proper intake / maf data provided for tuning?
  5. Car running too rich

    More likely the tune due to the intake than the intake itself. Was the correct maf data provided? All mods provided when they built the tune? What tuner being used and what was their feedback on it?
  6. How would you rate the Borla S-type Catback on the loud scale?

    S type is definitely more on the mild side with no long tubes so if you want a step up from stock but not overly loud its a solid choice.
  7. Holy Sh*& that's LOUD -

    A pair of Vibrant 1794s will also clean up the trumpety tone that the Extremes have with long tubes as well as bring the volume down a bit. Those are 3" in and out and 12" long. Fit nicely in the straight area after the muffler just before the double x.
  8. Next mod? 2020 GT Premium

    Reduce rotational mass. Takes the same engine output but less parasitic loss to the wheels. Light weight drive shaft, Light weight wheels Light weight rotors etc will help you now but also when you boost.
  9. 2m fab double x

    Interesting claim, as there really should not be much difference other than sound. Any back to back dyno to show an actual delta between the two or track slips with runs before and after?
  10. Palm Beach or Livernois tune for the Mach 1

    It's a night and day difference, even in areas that only offer "flex fuel" as low as e54. The added power and additional cooling is significant.
  11. install headers without tune

    Keeping the warranty is a misnomer. A tune won't void the warranty, but they can deny a warranty claim if they blame the tune for it. Same with the headers. They won't void the warranty but dealer can deny warranty claim if they blame the headers for whatever the issue is you are taking it in...
  12. 2018+ Ford Performance Touring Axle Back with X-Pipe

    Splitting hairs but FP does not equal Ford. FP is aftermarket/third party not oem like Ford. That aside, the tone you get will be much better as an x pipe into oem mufflers takes on a tinny/hollow sound. Don't think the x alone lasted more than a month on my car before going full exhaust...
  13. 5.0 Dyno Chart Compilation

    If it is available at all then flex tuning would be worth it but if it's not available at all then not so much.
  14. 5.0 Dyno Chart Compilation

    That's pretty strong on 93 instead of e.
  15. Ngauge, but what now?

    If you have an 18+ skip the intake as the oem one flows efficiently and keeps iats down vs a "cai". Just add a drop in. If you have a 15-17 consider an 18+ oem intake. But yeah ultimately tuning for e85 and headers will net you good power if you are staying NA.
  16. Mods

    18+ mani will give you some more on the top end, shift power band somewhat. But adding one when you're tuning for e85 + injectors and long tubes would definitely net you some good gains. Just make sure you talk it through with whichever tuner you go with to see if they prefer to tune with...
  17. exhaust questions

    And all the drone the op can handle too with those 😁
  18. Mods

    The lu47s should be fine if not going boost but definitely look at your options.
  19. Mods

    Sounds like it wasn't custom tuned just a canned tune on the SCT device which isn't worth much. You can still use the device but it should just be a tool for adding tunes or logging, not the actual tune provider. It can be used for any big name remote tuner that will support it. As others have...
  20. what exhaust you guys running with catless headers

    That's what I had originally but the trumpety tone from the Xtremes after the long tubes just got annoying. Added a pair of Vibrant 1794s and it cleaned up that tone bit ultimately cut off the Corsa mufflers and added the AWE Touring rear section onto the double x mated to long tubes. No...