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  1. Let’s See Those Trucks!

    Lightning ❤️
  2. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Gave her a wash, moved gidieup plates to gt500 and installed these on the gt500
  3. San Diego, Temecula, Orange Area (Corona, Riverside, LA & Imperial County)!

    when are we cruising! I am ready
  4. Carbon Fiber Vented Fenders for GT500

    Just got mine done
  5. New Carbon Fiber for my CFTP

    I found these cf covers for the taillights but the pattern is the other way smh… but it looks better than the black trim
  6. Oil Filter Shortage?

    that ebay guy is a shit bag! looks like a few people paid $150 for 1 filter 🤬
  7. Oil Filter Shortage?

    I was able to get 3 filters (i was down to 2 and just changed oil on both cars) from my dealer here in San Diego. I use them on my GT350R as well since it makes 1100 RWHP. If anyone needs one locally let me know. Just pay me the dealer price.
  8. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Installed these on the gt500
  9. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Washed them and took them for a photoshoot… better pics later
  10. Potentially strict are the laws really?

    Don’t come to this shithole bro
  11. For those of you who transitioned from GT350 --> GT500

    Damn right it’s not fun 😂
  12. California Digital cluster kit 2018 manual

    Please see attached pictures. All you need is the pony button. Cluster has bullit software, roughly 37k miles and it’s manual trans. $1500
  13. MGW Short Shifter

    I have one... all you need is the boot since i reused it when i did my TR6060 swap... send me your email and i can send you pics. I used it for about 10k miles
  14. Oil filter access door missing

    i am down for two... one for the gt350 and one for the gt500
  15. Shelby GT350 Garage Photos

    It’s metallic epoxy… not cheap but worth it
  16. Shelby GT350 Garage Photos

    This is how the garage started 😂 when I bought the house 3 years ago…
  17. Shelby GT350 Garage Photos

    The stable 😍
  18. GT500 Oil Change Made Easy (Non Exxon Valdez Style)

    Patiently waiting.... :)