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  1. Challenger outsold Mustang again. Worst Mustang sales ever.

    Modern day Smokey and the Bandit or Dukes of Hazzard! LOL
  2. new corvette eray

    I love the ICE cars, but these Hybrids / EVs offer stunning performance. Maybe I need one of each ( wishful thinking lol ) ?
  3. Challenger outsold Mustang again. Worst Mustang sales ever.

    Well I watch the Arkansas State Police car chase videos and the Charger / Challenger is definitely the preferred mode of transportation for the Urban Street Corner Entrepreneur!
  4. Bourbon

    “Yeah, I got a daughter in the clinic getting cured off the Wild Turkey.” — Cousin Eddie
  5. Finally got my 2022 GT500 Heritage Edition home

    It‘s a beaut, Clark! It’s a beaut!
  6. ESS G3x quarter mile

    Woa. Nice job
  7. Are Racing Stripes LAME? PLEASE HELP!

    He means one of deez ( my 2007 GT with a Whipple)
  8. And you think Ford has Shitty Paint!!!

    I always thought those matte finishes look like shit. Guess I'm not wrong 🥸🤓
  9. Are Racing Stripes LAME? PLEASE HELP!

    As for quality, I went with vinylgraphicspro and they use the same quality vinyl as OEM (cast vinyl from 3M or Avery). I purchased my kit for 50% off ($250) and had a local graphics shop install it for $185.
  10. Are Racing Stripes LAME? PLEASE HELP!

    Thanks. The color itself is a tough one. It's obviously bright and it's very hard to bring out the depth and flake in the paint with pics. The color looks so much better in person than with pics especially from a camera phone lol. Although I do have the BA package I do think the stripes...
  11. Are Racing Stripes LAME? PLEASE HELP!

    I stripped mine with the side stripes and big dick on the hood. I like most stripes on most S550 Mustangs. In the end it's your car. You need to like what you are looking at.
  12. New LMR M1HP and GT500 wheels

    My favorite place to buy turs. 😎
  13. New LMR M1HP and GT500 wheels

    You will love them. I get compliments all the time.
  14. Beefcake Racing no longer supporting lund tuning after 9/27

    Huh. Well that's unfortunate, but thankfully you have other top notch resources to turn to.
  15. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    20 x 11 with 305/35/20 and 20 x 10 with 275/35/20 i don’t notice a ride quality difference between the stock 255/40/19 but then again roads around where I live are pretty smooth ( not torn up by use or winter ). I drove the car home from Iowa with the 19s and only have about 300 miles on the...
  16. B&O 12-Speaker Upgrade [important ordering issue + solution!]

    You are most welcome. I almost found out the hard way myself, but thankfully I had the PDF order guide in hand when we were doing the ordering over the phone.

    Yes they are I ordered mine in May so I had them for when the car came in. Put them on the next day. lol