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  1. Will stock tune run on a mix of E85 and 93?

    Will a Lund tuned 5.0 returned back to the stock tune run without blowing up on a mix of 1/2 tank of E85 and 1/2 tank of 93?
  2. 2019-up 4.09 Rear Gear Swap

    The gears are going in my '20 GT 6 speed. Discussed with the installer. They asked for my Lund ticket number so they could get an updated tune from them to accompany the gear change. Anything else to look out for?
  3. Is the 350R rear sway bar/bushings a straight bolt on affair?

    As the title states. Order the bar and bushings and just swap them in?
  4. Ohio Steeda Strut Tower Brace

    Less than 8000 miles of use. Will come with all supplied hardware. $130 shipped. PayPal accepted.
  5. ......

    Delete please. Wrong section.
  6. Street alignment feedback

    I'll be swapping out a left front strut today and the car will be going in Monday for an alignment. These are the specs I have the car set to: Front: Camber: -1.8 Caster: 7.1 Toe: 0 total Rear: Camber: -1.6 Toe: .20 total Thrust Angle: 0 Car is a bit tail happy at times. Anything to adjust in...
  7. Ohio 2018-Up GT350R Steering Wheel Controls/Bezels

    Brand new never used. Off a brand new steering wheel. $80 shipped. PayPal accepted.
  8. Ohio 2018-Up Steering Wheel

  9. Ohio Coverking Rear Seat Delete Carpet Kit

    BNIB from Coverking. For some reason they sent me 2 and did not want the second one back. $75/OBO plus shipping. If PayPal is used an additional 3% will be added to the total.
  10. AIO - All-in-One With Protection....What's your go to?

    Looking for suggestions. Easy on/off, low or not dusting. I'll be using a Griot's Garage D/A and the appropriate foam pad.
  11. Have a Cervini Cobra R Hood? Let's see it!!!

    Planning on adding this hood come spring. If you are running one post pics.
  12. Coverking Rear Seat Delete

    I found the Coverking rear seat delete. Looks like a nice unit with a great price. Has anyone here purchased one?
  13. Ohio Harley-Davidson 24oz. Decanter with Wooden Box

    BNIB. Asking $150 or best offer shipped.
  14. Ohio 2020 Black Accent take-off rear spoiler

    Black accent spoiler take-off. Came off my 2020 GT. $70 plus actual UPS Ground shipping. PayPal accepted.
  15. Anyone know of a source for this exact style fender decal?

    Looking for this exact style but in black/red. I have found an inverted style and this style in one color but not two. Any help would be appreciated.
  16. MF Auto Designs Coyote Grille Badge

    I've ordered an MF Auto Designs Coyote badge for the rear trunk panel. Thinking I want to match the front with a bolt on grille version. Here's my it possible to bolt the badge on the grille without removing the friggin' bumper? Maybe take the core support cover off and snake...
  17. My dilemma...........

    Planning my over the winter mods. My current engine mods to my 2020 GT are limited to Lund Flex/E85R tunes and an Injen Evo (closed) intake. Exhaust is factory active with a Borla SwitchFire midpipe. My 2 trains of thought are as follows: 1) Catted LTH's with an axle back exhaust utilizing the...
  18. Ohio 2020 OE Intake Box with Airaid Junior Intake Kit

    As pictured. 4K miles on it. $200/O.B.O. plus shipping. PayPal and Venmo accepted.
  19. Ohio TotalFlow Race Mufflers Part # 2104 - Pair/NIB

    Ordered but never used. Specs in the link below. $50/O.B.O. plus shipping. PayPal or Venmo.
  20. Ohio Accelatec H-Pipe

    Purchased from CJPP and was installed on the car for less than 200 miles. Removed yesterday. $75/O.B.O. plus shipping. PayPal or Venmo.