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  1. Cleaning Active X seats

    So this isn’t S550 related, but my wife’s expedition has the active X interior. I know that you can get the active X in the eco boost. What are you guys using to clean and protect it? I don’t want to use the leather cleaner I use in my GT. I don’t want it to be slippery. Thanks for the help.
  2. GT to Shelby GT

    So, I tried searching and couldn’t find anything. But does anyone here have a Shelby GT? If so did you send your car to them or did you buy one direct? What do you like about it? If you got NA have you done any engine mods to it? I am considering sending my 19.
  3. Black badges on Oxford white

    Alright, so I just got a ‘19 GT, 400A in Oxford white. It has the 20” rims. I am thinking about changing out the badges with the black ones. Anyone have any photos of white with the black badges? Thanks for the help!
  4. 19 Mustang GT Premium

    So I originally ordered a 21 GT base, velocity blue, with the 6MT. After the car arrived the deal fell through and I was unable to purchase it. Been looking and wanting to get a mustang for a while. Well tonight, I from a 19 GT premium, white, and 10 AT. Car looks amazing and is so fun to drive...
  5. Velocity Blue GT

    Today I am going to order my first mustang. It will be GT fastback, 301A, 6M, VB, ceramic interior, black accent package. I know the wait will be long, I’m actually ok with the wait. Never ordered a vehicle before, always shopped from the lot, anything I need to know or expect? Super excited!