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  1. Favorite Camber Arm

    The tabs are how we change the length of the arm, they are laser cut from 11ga stainless steel. The arm is a two piece design, the “arm” has two fixed transverse bolt holes, and the “end” has two slotted holes, one of which has a recess cut for the tombstone shaped tab. The arm and end mate...
  2. Favorite Camber Arm

    On a stock height gt 1mm tab change is approx. 0.15 degrees in camber change Standard camber alignment tabs adjust in 1mm increments, 0.5mm increment tabs are available too - Graham
  3. BMR Upper Control Arm Issues, Heim Joints

    I said nothing about any specific brand or product, just Heim joints. Trying to help op with his problems even though he doesn’t have our parts........ I’m not new to this, I know exactly how these systems work and why companies choose the systems they do. We’ve been doing this over a decade...
  4. BMR Upper Control Arm Issues, Heim Joints

    Thats typical of heim joints, great for dedicated race cars, but dont last for road going vehicles. Thats why we developed spheriflex, all the control of a heim with none of the noise. The only way you're going to keep that heim quiet is constant greasing or a dry film spray. Grease works...
  5. Rear alignment issue 2018 GT

    Our camber arms ship with lockouts that for the factory camber adjustment slot. These lock outs are off set, so you can lock them out inboard, or flip them around and lock them in the outboard position. This allows the user a better range of adjustment. You are correct though our design is not...
  6. Rear alignment issue 2018 GT

    I am going to back track a little here, Yes the op can get an alignment and correct his camber issue. Yes there is an alignment kit we sell that will improve his alignment. For a daily driver are the stock parts fine? most likely yes. I Errored on the side of assuming the OP wanted an...
  7. Rear alignment issue 2018 GT

    Thanks vic, yeah we were a little slow to the s550 market, still not many mustang owners know of us. Our roots are in the mopar market, almost every fast IRS mopar runs our kit these days. Kyle is running our red...
  8. Rear alignment issue 2018 GT

    honestly for a daily driver id just look at camber arms for now, the stock toe set up allows for a decent bit of adjustment. Id look at toe once you build the car out and do some racing. that way you can swap tabs from race to street alignment. P.s. Dig the name, love my 45 tactical :)
  9. Rear alignment issue 2018 GT

    Alignment is whack, stock camber adjustment is blind (moving a bolt in a slot with no eccentric), if you want a repeatable solution to your alignment problem, check out our rear adjustable control arms.
  10. Must have drag racing mods for consistency and reliability

    Depends on the car entirely, if it’s a high power car that squats real hard at launch, you’ll want some positive camber (about a max of 1 degree though). Camber changes as the suspension articulates, so the idea is when the car squats at launch the camber always moves in the negative direction...
  11. Street/Strip Boosted Stick Car suspension ideas?

    You wouldn't want to daily drive with positive camber, but half a degree negative or so would be just fine while helping you out in a situation where you have to take someone to gapplebees in mexico. Our kits are unique in the market, where ours have repeatable adjustments with a tab system. so...
  12. Drag sway bar worth it?

    changing sway bar for drag racing is pointless, unless its lighter and your goal is to reduce weight.
  13. Street/Strip Boosted Stick Car suspension ideas?

    Thats a good start, youll want to reduce your negative camber though, especially with a sticky tire and soft spring. Your car will squat under acceleration incresing negative camber.Id throw in some adjustable camber arms to correct that, so you start closer to zero. (Positive for launching at...
  14. Suspension issue and how I can fix it

    Sway bar and endlinks are usually the culprit in this situation, check bolt torque, check endlinks for bend or damage, and make sure sway bar mounts are in good condition. Be sure to check out when shopping for your suspension set up later on down the road, among our...
  15. When installing new sway bars is it a must to upgrade to new ENDLINKS?

    If the stock ones are in good shape and your car is a daily driver with no real track use, no, skip endlinks. Aftermarket endlinks often cause more issues than their worth on daily driver/street cars. Wouldn't mess with them unless you need them for racing, or bend a stock one. The stock ones...
  16. Limited Edition July 4th Drag packs!

    Hey yall, Just thought id show off some limited edition July 4Th drag packs we made for the S550 this year, I Posted them on our instagram (you should follow us @aadperformance) but forgot to share them here. Its just a passion project of mine I started last year, the parts are for sale at...
  17. Steeda Alignment Dowels -- Alignment

    The mustang is the better of the three when it comes to factory rear cradle alignment
  18. AAD S550 Billet Adjustable Control Arm's Update

    Glad you’re enjoying everything! Thanks for the support! -Graham
  19. Anyone else have uneven wheel gaps or ride height?

    Is their a difference in the rear from front of the fender to the tire?, I.e. the cradle twisted in the car. Ford is better about putting the cradles in straight than other manufacturers, but it still happens from time to time.