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  1. Vented Catch can

    one valve cover into each of those threaded males. No you dont keep the valve, gut it.
  2. Remote Tuning Vs. Dyno Tuning

    If you’re NA or basic boost setup I wouldn’t really sweat it. You probably not gonna get much better than some good street logs
  3. Beware of Lund

    you mean tune they’ve been tweaking and improving for 8 years now?(in the case of gen 2)
  4. Beware of Lund

    Im not saying some sort of “from scratch” file doesn’t work. I just want to know how it’s better. Some of Ya’ll are overreacting to this whole cookie cutter deal. If 12 years of tuning has determined that about 15-16* of timing is safe on a boosted pump gas tune, 21-22* on E85 and XYZ cam timing...
  5. Beware of Lund

    So now I know why you so angry. The closest thing to a friend you had blocked you on social media. So sad. So now you campaign against him while still low key watching his videos. Lol
  6. Beware of Lund

    wildhorse was very active on his live chats, always commenting and praising. But after maybe not getting the attention he deserved he became very Anti-Alex
  7. Beware of Lund

    and what benefit do you feel like you gained if your tuner actually built a file from bottom up?
  8. So you wanted to go fast and have a track car?

    Looking good that motor looks like it’s gonna make some jam
  9. 1/4 Mile Fast List 3.0

    Update me please. 2015 5.0, stock motor, Brett lasala 6r80, circle D converter, procharger p1x, 4.0 pulley, Lund E85 tune, Fore fuel system, gt350 manifold, headers and exhaust, kmember, brakes, f14 drag pack, driver seat and rear seats in.
  10. PBD Matrix OS

    This looks to be the same PCMtec multitune, which has been out for close to a year, but with a different name.
  11. Best FI Kit for a '19 GT with MT82?

    Oh this is good stuff lol....
  12. Green belt or black belt for superchargers?

    Well according to their site, there's less size options. But the rep over email says they arent making them anymore. So its regular or HD (green), nothing else.
  13. Green belt or black belt for superchargers?

    Yep. Just got that reply from a Gates rep.
  14. Beware of Lund

    nah only yo momma lol 😘
  15. 6r80 transmission temperatures & thermal bypass valve

    built 6r80 with a bypass here. I see 170-180 most days. In cooler weather like sub 60* ill see 150* on the trans.
  16. Congrats @ToyCobra 7.64 @ 185 mph in his Procharger Mustang GT!!!!

    oh crap, you know what’s next right? The “not my president” movement by ESS guys.
  17. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    people do really have a hard time separating entertainment and their feels. Guy has some decent projects, not clickbaity, and delivers good info. Only thing he unfortunately lacks is a local 1/4 mile, they shut pbir down which is a real fucking shame. But the cancel culture is real with Alex. I...
  18. GEN 5 whipple 60-130 dragy ?

    heat and lower pressure?
  19. Beware of Lund

    Ma'am, you dont sound very mentally stable. If anything, this thread became about alex and the absolute hate some here show towards him and not about the OP and his progress towards getting his car to where he's satisfied with it.
  20. Beware of Lund

    Lmaooo this got nothing to do with me. It’s about Karens complaining in here and yet still giving the guy they hate views which results in him making more money and Karens just ending up more angry.