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  1. Something came from UPS today

    Looks great. I have the same size 4S tires on MRR M600 wheels. I'm lowered on Sportlines and I have zero complaints.
  2. tire size help needed

    How wide are those wheels? 9"? If so, you're likely safe using a 285/35, 275/40 or 35.
  3. Steeda's 4th of July Sale - 15% off Steeda Manufactured Suspension Parts!

    Happy 4th of July to all my American Friends! Thanks to Steeda for the great sale, I finally pulled the trigger on a set of Pro-Action adjustable shocks with some billet rear mounts! I can't wait to install them. They should pair nicely with my Eibach Sportline springs!!!
  4. Biggest F and R tire for a LOWERED PP GT?

    You should be fine.
  5. Winter setup opinions for Quebec (canada) winter

    I'm in Petawawa Ontario. I use my stock PP wheels as my winter set. My summers are MRR M600s. I'm lowered on Sportlines, and the Mustang is NOT a good winter car. Any sort of deep snow will give you a hard time, even with winter tires.
  6. Sweet Mother of All That is Holy

    I'm using the 11" rears on mine. No rubbing, I was able to dial in the fitment easily with camber advice from [email protected] I can post up some pics later on (I'm on a work computer ATM).
  7. Sweet Mother of All That is Holy

    I've been super happy with my 285/325 Michelin PS4S combo on MRR M600s too. Hurry up and lower that '18 though... She's a little "monster truck".
  8. Reverse collar durability

    Mine just disintegrated on my way to work this morning... Literally the strangest thing... seemed fine backing out of my garage, and then it just crumbled to bits in my hand during my 5 minute commute. Looks like I'll need a better replacement.
  9. New Mustang direct fit Flowforged by MRR wheels Preview

    Looks great! Thanks!!!
  10. New Mustang direct fit Flowforged by MRR wheels Preview

    Pics don't work... It's great to hear about more M600s in the area though!!!
  11. Help with best tire size

    No worries. For reference, my summer set is now 19x10 et35 front 285/35R19 and My rears are 19x11 et50 325/30R19. Fitment is close to flush and no rubbing anywhere. Good luck with the search for the right tire size.
  12. Help with best tire size

    Stock GTPP rear tires are 275/40R19 on a 9.5" wheel. I know that some members have used 285/35R19 on 9.5" wheels with no complaints. My PP wheels are now my winter set;I have 255/40R19 on all four wheels and the 255 is really stretched on the 9.5" wheel. If I were you, I wouldn't use anything...
  13. FS GT350 steering wheel

    The wheel arrived today well packaged and free from damage. Thanks again, great doing business with you!!!
  14. Molle seatback panels?

    Might depend on how much weight you attach to the Molle panel. If it's just lightweight stuff, then it should be no different than any seat cover. Hopefully it works out. Post pics if you end up doing it!!!
  15. Molle seatback panels?

    I've seen these made for jeeps and trucks, but never for Mustangs. I think they're a great idea. I have a ton of old pouches from my chest rig that could now hold stuff for the kids when they ride in the back seat. Do you have the Recaros in your car? I doubt there are any Molle seat covers that...
  16. New tire sizes

    Honestly, I have no idea as to the answer to your question. Have you reached out to Michelin? I know that recently they seem to have increased their social media presence. Might be worth a try.
  17. Curbed My Mustang

    Sorry to hear you curbed your car. By no means am I a professional driver, but I have attended a few track days in my mustang. There is often classroom time before the track sessions, and one thing that is always mentioned is the 100% rule. Imagine your steering inputs, gas and braking all...
  18. Stripe color options on Race Red?

    How about Green? It would be "Christmas...y"
  19. Tire choice help

    If you want wet traction... take a look at the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires. They are pricey, but really remarkable wet grip!!!