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  1. Leroy Tire Trailer

    Cool trailer setup! I was considering one of those small enclosed trailers as an upgrade when I was using a little Harbor Freight tire trailer behind my car. Seems like it would be a way more secure way to transport tools and gear without it being much heavier. Nothing wrong with having a way...
  2. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    Ugh, while that factor doesn't mean much for national events it sure sucks for locals. Especially when most are on postage stamp lots where aero doesn't factor and I'm either in a pax class or comparing myself against others via pax.
  3. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    One nice thing is the change of wording from licensed and insured to just legal to drive. I've been considering what's next for my car in a way that I wouldn't have to maintain registration and insurance on it. I rarely drive my car on the road anymore and when I do it is mainly just to feel...
  4. Race Trailer Advice Needed, Please

    I went from packing a tent in the Mustang when it was original, to towing a little Harbor Freight tire trailer, to open trailer with 2014 F150 EB Max Tow, to a 10k 20' enclosed with same pickup to now a 2019 F-350 6.7 DRW w/slide-in 811 camper. So...didn't jump the shark as much as you did but...
  5. 20ft Car Hauler Dog Pen

    20ft Car Hauler Dog Pen

  6. 2021 Packwood CT Camp

    2021 Packwood CT Camp

  7. Steeda pro action shock adjustable' s. what settings street strip?

    This method should work for finding good damping settings on the street: 1. Set front and rear all the way soft (easier to feel when creeping up on a good setting this way) 2. Find a country road with combo of straights, bumps and curves. Doesn't need to be more than a couple miles long. 3...
  8. Kuhmo 730s vs Supercar 3Rs

    Is Camber Thrust coming into play here along with variations in how different tires respond to that? @SVO MkII On the street does the car tramline significantly with either of those track tires?
  9. 2022 WMC E9 R1a.jpg

    2022 WMC E9 R1a.jpg

  10. 2022 WMC E9 R1b.jpg

    2022 WMC E9 R1b.jpg

  11. 2022 WMC E9 R1c.jpg

    2022 WMC E9 R1c.jpg

  12. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    What I saw in the results from Nats makes me want to try a different way of making my car better. I'm very happy with how the car ran yesterday on the good, smooth lot. Time to target an event on a different surface in a few weeks to get more input on how the changes are working. Fortunately...
  13. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    I hear you but my wheel rates are not out of line with other national level setups for categories where springs are free. One of the problems I had on the bumps was the Viking rebound curve is progressive and the shocks were jacking. I improved the situation by softening the rebound. The...
  14. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    I've been on a 550lb front and 1440 Hyperco 5.5" drop in coil with adj perch rear. On a local surface that is smooth my car feels like a precision instrument. Last event I did though was on a crap asphalt bumpy lot and had major ride and grip issues. Also, the ride on roads is not like in sync...
  15. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    You are the only 'muscle car' on 200tw to pull off a 76 between Street, Street Touring and CAM. Well done aero must be the difference among yous at the top of the classes. The fact that the BS/FS cars were in the 77s on soft suspensions has me really questioning my choices about the much...
  16. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    @NightmareMoon congratulations on the fantastic result! Thanks for the write-up too. Did you have 315/30 A052s and where did you end up with on pressures? At one local event a couple weekends ago I tried up to 34 in front but down to 27 in the back. My tires are wasted though. It is...
  17. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    I'm really curious to hear the story on that run. That time is incredible when you look at what others did in some key classes (BS, FS, STX).
  18. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    The answer is always Miata, right? :cool: Sweet looking car and can't stick with one car forever (the Mustang). Hope you have fun with it! Its been good seeing your posts over the years!
  19. Pressures for A052s?

    I have 295/35/18 on 11" wheels and run 32fr, 28r. Tire temps look good and it feels great to drive. Maybe add 2psi for 315s on the same wheel and go from there?
  20. IMG_20210907_194006451.jpg


    Viking B6020HP triple adjustable rear shock compared with the longer double adjustable B3010AP. Even though I'm not lowered that much I was bottoming out the 3010. I could gain a little more bump travel with the 6020 by fitting the bump stop better against the upper mount, if I need to.