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  1. Which Car(s) do you regret getting rid off

    My… 1993 454SS truck 1969 Camaro SS 396
  2. REX Ramjet headers

    I think I spoke to them once they don’t make them for LHD cars.
  3. Mysterious Button in GT

    Exhaust cutouts
  4. Zach

    We kinda figured, it’s a bummer with the whole allocation process. Wish they would just take all the orders and see how many they could build.
  5. Zach

    @Granger Ford @[email protected] Guys it’s Sam quick question What’s the chance my buddy could get his order in with you all and actually get the truck? He’s tried locally and they all want 15 to 50k over msrp. What would his price be? We have the 4th largest Ford dealer in the US locally and the...
  6. Custom twin turbo kit 2017 mustang gt

    Did you end up losing the engine oil cooler and Tran cooler to mount the turbos there.
  7. Average S550 monthly payment?

    72 mo I think it’s 2.99 but I’ll have to double check that.
  8. Average S550 monthly payment?

    640 a month, MSRP was 55,045 - fully loaded pp1 car put 8k down and financed 51k
  9. DFB's Soap Shoot Out

    Gotcha that’s what I needed to know. I always perform a pre-wash so I guess I should stick with Gyeon foam then? I’ve looked it doesn’t appear carpro has a pre-wash
  10. Split tire

    I wouldn’t be driving on that 🤷🏼‍♂️
  11. DFB's Soap Shoot Out

    Yeah I’d like to give Carpro a shot for a year. Trying to figure out the products I used. Like gyeon Foam I used with every wash being Lift is very alkaline could you use it before every wash? My car is ceramic coated. Carpro Reset and Bathe - no brainer gyeon Reset I used every 6 mo to Decon...
  12. DFB's Soap Shoot Out

    I was doing some research is carpro Lift the equivalent to Gyeon Foam? Carpro reset = Gyeon Bathe, Carpro Descale = Gyeon Reset, and Carpro HydroO2 = Gyeon Bathe + that look right to you?
  13. DFB's Soap Shoot Out

    I’ll give you 3 from gyeon to try and they are my go to. Gyeon foam as a pre wash Gyeon Bathe as my wash after foam - which you tried gyeon Bathe+ I use it once every 60 days
  14. Hey FORD!

    Bwahahaha no I’m in Athens 🤣 Those dang 500 hood pins get you in that much trouble Tom!! 🤣🤣🤣
  15. Hey FORD!

    How do you know? 🤣😜
  16. B&O Systems Finally Replaced and Tuned

    Have you used any of Helix stuff? They have a 12 channel amp I’m interested in.
  17. B&O Systems Finally Replaced and Tuned

    Where they able to do a no cut install like Sounds Good in Nashville did with the GT500?
  18. First look: JL audio system amp rack

    I can sacrifice 1.87 I just cant give up 2.5+ 🤣🤣🤣