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  1. Indiana Flash Sale - Brake air vanes

    Well he did it again! Flash sale now through Wednesday midnight EST. $110 shipped.
  2. Indiana Flash Sale - Brake air vanes

    Not until memorial day. Tell you what. If Djokovic wins his 10th Australian Open I'll run a flash sale.
  3. How my first track season changed my world view...

    Yeah, Whit spent a whole session in the passenger seat with me driving at 9/10ths. I was glad. But I told him that I threw up a little while riding with an instructor once. I almost lasted the 20 minutes. So yeah, I really get seasick as a passenger.
  4. How my first track season changed my world view...

    in roundabouts, you put two wheels over the mellow curbs, pretending they are FIA curbs. You tap your mirror to show the guy behind you that you notice he is on your six.
  5. Will storing my mustang with stuff in the trunk mess up my suspension?

    Let's do some math. If the car is ~3800 pounds, and assuming 25% is at each corner, then that's 950# each wheel. 100# in the trunk is an additional 50# each wheel. That's only 5% more loading. I daily drive with the donut spare, and things like jumper cables, tire inflator, breaker bar, and...
  6. HELP! My kid F*@&ed up my paint...

    I backed out of my garage one day and ran over a can of black spray paint that had fallen off the shelf. While I didn't mind the free undercoating too much, it nevertheless coated the entire right half of the body in fine black mist. I called my pro detailer, and he suggested lacquer...
  7. Is the parts guy at my local Ford dealer an idiot?

    When I go into my local Ford parts department and ask for a filter, the guy reaches under the counter and pulls one out without talking a step.
  8. Recommend 3rd party extended warranty for non-Ford vehicle?

    Family member just bought a 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe with 27k miles. We were quoted $1700 to extend warranty to 150k miles, bumper to bumper, no deductible, from AAGI. (Usual parts categories excluded, etc.) What 3rd party extended warranty companies are good to consider?
  9. 2019 B&O Subwoofer Install Help?

    Are you trying to source the blue and purple connector?
  10. 2019 B&O Subwoofer Install Help?

    Are you trying to source just the green connector?
  11. Popping noise in front passenger suspension

    Would this be as effective without dissembling the strut?
  12. So is the Fighter Jet Gray color a love it or hate it kind of thing?

    I'm jumping in to page 5 here... I don't like the non colors - white black gray silver bronze etc. Especially for a sports car where I can be forgiven for my choice. My 2016 Mustang was triple yellow, and I traded it for my current Orange Fury. I tell people that it's Outrageous Orange. But I...
  13. How far have you driven on empty?

    Funny how many responses don't answer the original question. Anyway, I don't worry about running low. I don't like to fill up more often than necessary. I think my worst case was less than 5 more miles after the 0 to Empty warning. I recall that there was still at least a half gallon in the...
  14. Which aftermarket radiator?

    I run my 2019 GTPP without aftermarket oil temp gauge. High CHT limited A10 shift performance on track, so I added the auxiliary oil cooler. Temps now seem to be under control for up to 30min sessions on mid-80's days. Of course I have a sandwich plate under the filter to tap the flow...
  15. 2018+ 10R80 (A10) - most recent TSB’s in here

    Phil, will you consider posting all the A10 TSB hyperlinks in Post #1? Also, have you seen anything about "6-7 Upshift Inhibit"? This is what we get on track with our A10's: Trying to upshift at redline from 6th to 7th at around 115mph. To get around the problem we shift at 6500rpm...
  16. Indiana Flash Sale - Brake air vanes

    Yes. To be sure just turn the wheel all the way and then check for the OEM plastic vanes screwed onto the control arms with 3 screws. I've sold a few to M1 owners.
  17. Indiana Flash Sale - Brake air vanes

    Plenty of photos if you follow the links.
  18. Brake Air Vanes on sale now

    See Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
  19. Indiana Flash Sale - Brake air vanes

    Thanksgiving sale starts now. See posts #1 and #4.
  20. Harrop oil cooler - Group Buy (99-AKIT14319)

    That's my setup described here: I could put together a kit if 5 guys were interested.