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  1. Triple 7 Performance Grill Lights?

    There has to be a better way to tap into factory wiring versus the taps shown in the video…maybe a short harness plugged into the original wiring with a wire/connector properly crimped into the extender harness. I used those in the past when I didn’t know better and noticed they cut into the...
  2. Mach 1 Mats

    Now I’m wondering if the covers are available anywhere and having those embroidered?
  3. Is a tracked vehicle a dealbreaker?

    As these cars are built to be tracked, I wouldn't worry about it as the existing owner is up front about it and has the maintenance records.
  4. Extended Warranty....your take?

    I took the Ford PremiumCare ESP via Granger due to the great price for the car and ESP. For me, its cheap insurance.
  5. Damaged underbody splash shield

    Did the same thing to a sunroof that came apart....used gorilla tape to keep it all together until it could be replaced.
  6. Air time in the Mach 1

    If that was the extent of the damage, that seems cheap
  7. Ceramic Coating the HP wheels?

    Did my car and wheels myself as well. Wheels are much easier to coat…not as much prep required compared to the body. I just washed the wheels, wipe down with a prep solution, and coated (Adams Advanced Graphen). Brake dust comes off with a hose.
  8. New HP Style Wheels for my Grabber Blue Mach-1

    I like the your color choice…bit more contrast/pop vs the darker colors. I like the finish on mine, but wish they were a bit more like the platinum.
  9. it too late ??

    I purchased my ESP via Granger as I also bought my Mach 1 through them. If the OP is able to obtain a cheaper price than Flood for his 2018, than go for it.
  10. Recommendation: Best Street Tires?

    I used the Continental Extreme Contact Sports on my 2013 GT...very happy with them. I believe they rank closely to the Michelins Pilot Sport 4s with a slightly better price.
  11. it too late ??

    As others noted, go to Flood Ford as they appear to have the best prices for the Ford warranty. The only negative is the cost will be higher now vs buying earlier.
  12. Mach 1 Spare Tire

    That works if you want to wait for the tow, but not so well when you leave metro areas and it’s a bit more difficult in getting a tow in a timely manner. I was out on a cruise with friends a few years ago and one of the cars encountered a puncture and none of us had a spare that worked. He...
  13. Mach 1 Spare Tire

    I ordered my spare via over the big Brembos on our cars. Check out this thread: Getting Tired - Spare Me | 2015+ S550 Mustang Forum (GT, EcoBoost, GT350, GT500, Bullitt, Mach 1) -
  14. Whipple supercharger

    I didnt have any issues with heat soak on my 2013 GT with the VMP Stage 1 kit via runs at the drag strip, or hot days...I didnt track for extended periods though. I can’t disagree on the benefits of a better intercooler though.
  15. Whipple supercharger

    I was looking to head down a similar path, but assumed the GT500 may have extra cooling to account for power output for extended periods...maybe that’s something we don’t have to worry about on the Mach 1s withthe extra coolin. I know I would only track it on cooler days (70s) to help mitigate...
  16. From SS 1LE to Mach1 Handling pack

    It appears track setup is a major factor on which is better on any given day. In the end, I could care less if the Camaro was better on the track….would only matter to a pro driver anyways. Based on my limited experience at Track Attack and the 8000 miles I have put on mine so far, I love it...
  17. Oil change nightmare

    Very similar thing occurred with my first change...suprised how quickly the oil came out and overflowed my drain container as well. Fortunate I had a big metal pan underneath and limited my mess. I purchased the Femco valve and swapped it in...2nd oil change was much cleaner. The oil filter...
  18. Where can I find such a clip

    Dropped one last week as well…couldn’t find it. Good timing on this thread.
  19. Dead battery - left lights on - pain to jump

    Only lost the trip data, but not the audio settings…haven't notice any other impacts. Was a V6 car, but even a four cylinder car would have enough power to at least enable the lights…in theory. Agree where it seems the jumper cables are suspect.