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  1. Active valve exhaust weirdness

    For cold definitely notice a difference between Quiet mode vs. normal or sport/track....once it warms up you'll barely notice a difference....but while driving, I notice the difference from quiet to normal....but to me at least, sport & track is almost the same even though...
  2. So is the Fighter Jet Gray color a love it or hate it kind of thing?

    I feel like the FJG & Iconic Silver (which I have for my GT) looks 10x better in person compared to pics. It's likely the lack of shine as commented by the OP
  3. Canada - Ontario Ford OEM GT350/350R Shift Knob (Threaded for GT/Ecoboost/V6)

    Hey guys, I"m selling a used Ford OEM GT350/350R Shift Knob. It was purchased from CJ Pony Parts August 2021, and it's been used since but it's in perfect condition without any scratches/damages (The only imperfection is a slight indent on the grip towards the front as shown on the last pic...
  4. Drive’em Boys and Girls

    AMENNNNNNNN I bought my car to enjoy it....not for resale value (even tho I take care of it like I do with my women)
  5. Who has gone back to the factory resonator after installing an H or X pipe?

    That's exactly what I wanted to do, but the result wasn't what I expected. I'm still intrigued with the idea of replacing the stock res with the GT350 stock res
  6. Whats your thought on side scoops?

    Personally, unless they're functional scoops, it's just another piece of add-on.
  7. Who has gone back to the factory resonator after installing an H or X pipe?

    I have the active exhaust and had a custom H pipe put in, only to have it removed < 24 hours later.
  8. I want to know what your zero compromise exhaust system would look like.

    I want a resonated X or H pipe similar to the GT350 OEM reonator to replace the S550 GT resonator....I love the sound of my AE, but I just want a little bit more volume without the hollow/tinny sound from a resonator delete, and I still want the crossover/chopper sound that my exhaust setup makes
  9. New car paranoia?

    Exactly, and I respect your rationale with regards to your stang usage. I, on the other hand, lives a quarter mile at a time 😎
  10. New car paranoia?

    Don't get me wrong, I don't knock on people who takes care of their pride and joy. If you have the space, additional car(s) for winter/daily, and you just want the stang to be your toy car on nice sunny days, then 100% do it. But I just don't get why people freak out when they see me driving...
  11. New car paranoia?

    Couldn't have written it any better myself
  12. Ecoboost to GT Regrets? Tips/Suggestions?

    I agree 100% that it's all personal preference. For me, after having the eco for 4 years: - I just don't like driving a 4 banger - Turbo is fun here and there, and hearing the turbo spool is cool - As much as I tried to be at peace with the sound, I just couldn't The GT fits me just right -...
  13. Ecoboost to GT Regrets? Tips/Suggestions?

    this convo have been discussed many many times for sure haha I had a '17 Ecoboost Premium with PP for 4 years...then last year upgraded to a '21 GT base....regrets? Not even a little bit....even with gas prices surging the past few months. I enjoyed the eco as well don't get me wrong, but I...
  14. Thinking of trading it in for a ranger?

    Exactly my plan in a few years
  15. Joining the club of the BBQ/Typewriter tick

    I've only had the bbq tick the first 2-3 weeks after each oil change, and have since gone away.
  16. I wonder if there'll be S650 style tailights for S550

    Fair point dude....i do like those raxiom profile lights (but wished it wasn't completely "flat" so if there was another design with the tri bars at least semi raised then i'll snatch em up straight away)
  17. I wonder if there'll be S650 style tailights for S550

    Similar to the Raxiom Profile tailights, I wonder if anybody will come out with a S650 style which i'll cop if they do