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  1. What Sedan Would You Buy Coming From a Mustang GT?

    First off, If you buy an Audi or a BMW brand new, you're a complete moron that makes terrible financial decisions. That being said, buying one 2-3 years old after someone else has taken the 30-45% depreciation hit can get you a pretty decent car. Personally, I'd still stay away from them as they...
  2. E85 tune for 5.0

    100% need a fuel system. Any tuner worth a damn will not touch it without one. You should hit up beefcake. He's been a great vendor and mustang parts supplier for years.
  3. Highest mileage Gen 3 coyotes

    Hard NO for me. No tunability takes it off the list. Next new performance car will likely not be domestic.
  4. Is it worth picking up jack stands just for wheel changes?

    Get a quickjack. You'll always have an occation to use them.
  5. X plan pricing?

    If you haven't paid yet, you can still get x-plan pricing.
  6. Go to the dealership for oil change or mechanic?

    I understand you wanting to have documentation that you're doing oil changes, but that can be done simply by keeping receipts. You should learn how to and do your own oil changes.
  7. How to "Pay Cash" when you have to fly

    My bank has partnerships with other banks so that I can take a cash advance on my checking/savings account using my debit card. (essentially using a bank teller like an ATM for large withdrawls) This partnership is so that I can go almost anywhere in the nation and have access to my money even...
  8. The Down and Dirty ADM Thread

    And I thought the Ford ADM was bad. This is on a fucking RAV4. 40k ADM + a bunch of other shit.
  9. So how many of us none seniors own S550's

    Just turned 47, We have 2 S550's My 2017 GT350 and my wifes 19GT. I also still have my first mustang (88GT) I bought in 1992, and my wifes 65 coupe.
  10. Am I being over critical?

    Honestly, that's not very hard to do.
  11. "Let's be reasonable. We can't do that."

    I can agree with this 100% Panamera e-hybrid oil change was $399. It was just a regular ol Audi v6 with a supercharger on it Like 8 quarts of oil and a $25 filter, thats on top of the engine. I did it myself. One of the eisiest oil changes to do. It does take a certain type. Looking at...
  12. It's a sad day

    Your herniated discs are going to stay with you and effect you for the rest of your life. Your settlement should too. You need to contact an attorney NOW, and stop posting/delete everything about this NOW. The other sides attorney/investigator will absolutely deep-dive into your online activity...
  13. The Down and Dirty ADM Thread

    While I agree that there is a difference, the point I was making was that the statement that has been posted before that Ford cannot do anything about the ADM's that dealers charge, is not as accurate as we once thought. The justification for Ford to intervene in the pricing was that they want...
  14. The Down and Dirty ADM Thread

    This happened recently. So, this destroys the argument that Ford can't control what the dealers do.
  15. Experience with your Ford dealer Service Department?

    There are certain dealerships I wouldn't let work on anyhting I own. Mak Haik in Georgetown TX damaged my absolute pristene front splitter on my GT350 on it's first oil change at 1000 miles. They bought me a new one and when it came in they asked if I wanted them to install it. I just laughed in...
  16. Thinking of trading

    I sold my 2010 GT500 to get my GT350. It is such a better car. I have no regrets at all. Beats out the S197 GT500 in every aspect except acceleration. That can be fixed with a simple whipple instal. I say go for it. you'll love it.
  17. What is this thing?

    I had one in my 350 when I took delivery back in 2017. I posted the same question, and never got a definitive answer on what it was.
  18. Anyone else have a Mustang family?

    We have 4. My 88GT and 17 GT350, and the wife’s 65 coupe, and her 19 GT Also have a F-150 and a Porsche Panamera (my commuter)
  19. Wheel cleaning help, really bad brake dust

    Best stuff I've ever used to clean off brake dust. gets wheels spotless even after COTA track days...
  20. How many mustangs have you owned?

    65 coupe (currently own) 86 GT 88 GT (currently own) 03 Cobra 05 GT 10 GT500 17 GT350 (currently own) 19 GT (currently own)