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  1. New Shelby Owner needing a bit of help

    It is possible, my dad's 1986 Fox Body was stolen in the 90's, and in CA at the time when he got it back, they re-VIN'd it in the door jam
  2. I think that I have the only race GT350 ever made (no issues)

    Lmao what ever this guy is smoking needs to be shared!
  3. New 2022 GT500 CFTP for Sale - California - SOLD

    I'm loving the spec on it. Reminders me of the GT500 KRs they did in 07-09
  4. Another blown engine thread

    I'm 2 blocks from Vista, always get sticker shock at the ADM they have on the cars on the lot!
  5. Shelby GT350 Garage Photos

    Have fun, sorry to miss out this weekend!
  6. Another blown engine thread

    Which Dealer? I'm with you guys, that was my first thought as well. OP, also look into Ford of Upland. The owner is a big GT350 guy and racer. Does a lot of warranty work on these cars/engine replacements too
  7. Performance driving school @ Buttonwillow

    look into track day insurance, not through your provider. Does this require it, or you want it for peace of mind?
  8. Performance driving school @ Buttonwillow

    Is that from your auto insurance provider? Look into Hagerty track day insurance if you haven't
  9. Performance driving school @ Buttonwillow

    This seems more focused on being instructional than a typical HPDE day
  10. Performance driving school @ Buttonwillow

    Haven't been to that one, but looks great!
  11. 19 GT350 Handling Package

    See my above post. Box is most likely in the parts department, as they were shipped directly to the parts department, and not in the back of the car
  12. 19 GT350 Handling Package

    Call the parts department, and give them the parts number to the parts, and your VIN number. I bought mine from a dealer that was NOT the original ordering dealer. Called the original dealer, and they had the box with the VIN written on it just sitting on a shelf in the parts department. It gets...
  13. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Ran the Auto Club Speedway (Nascar) ROVAL last weekend! What a blast that was!
  14. z06 LT6

    I agree, think we would have been ok with the sound, and DEFNITELY ok with better reliability
  15. Issue at track, oil pressure

    Definitely going to be watching for this again
  16. Issue at track, oil pressure

    should have clarified, checked before going out on that session and before each
  17. Issue at track, oil pressure

    Check oil before going out, and it was fine. Car ran fine and normal on the 100 mile drive home
  18. Issue at track, oil pressure

    Was at Willow Springs today and had a great day, until my last lap of the day. day had gone well with no issues. Hot day around 100* outside. On my last lap I was almost out of gas, gauge said 15 miles to empty, and going down the straight, and my low oil pressure light comes on. Immediately...
  19. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Drove it like it should be. Ripped up big willow (springs) today with my dad
  20. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Need more pics! That's sick