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  1. Mystery piece of metal under car what is it ?

    Perhaps a friend playing a prank ?.
  2. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    Perhaps they could include a canned tune for the biggest pulley of a G2 and G3 .? They would need 4 tunes. to cover gen 2 and 3. Many customers that buy Whipple due to their complete package will Consider a ESS.
  3. Went out this morning and found this [LOCKED DUE TO POLITICS]

    As a Italian I have seen the steady decay in Europe . The weakness of character and lack of morals is increasing by the day. Pretty much what happened to Rome . Everyone is equal they say. Yet the scum generally gets away with a lot more. And they aren’t the ones paying taxes. I have worked...
  4. Went out this morning and found this [LOCKED DUE TO POLITICS]

    It’s a Joke . Some poor YouTuber gets taken in by a highly armed bunch of cops and arrested for a YouTube he made some years ago doing roll racing . This piece of [email protected]#ÂŁ and all the other pieces of [email protected]#ÂŁ with so called rights get away with a lot worst ! The world is becoming a place where the...
  5. What would cause the steering wheel to be slightly off center ?

    I’ve centered the steering by adjusting tie rods exact same amount on each side and thereby not affecting alignment. I marked tie rods and rotated each as needed to center wheel.
  6. HELP! My kid F*@&ed up my paint...

    Acetone and thinners are both strong solvents. Acetone is stronger , but it evaporates very fast. So a wipe with a acetone damp microfiber Towel will clean fast and dry fast. When I tried thinners, it worked but took time to remove the road paint and evaporate off surface. The acetone was fast...
  7. HELP! My kid F*@&ed up my paint...

    If a clay bar doesn’t work, I would damp a micro rag with clean acetone and give one stroke wipes. The paint on a mustang is a 2K paint and acetone will not attack it immediately. Most spray can paints will immediately dissolve with acetone. Stay away from rubber and plastics. Don’t wash it with...
  8. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    Can someone care to comment on difference between the lu47 and gt500 injectors ? Do they both plug straight in the GEN 3 engine ?
  9. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    Ive Seen this , and if you are ok with their tune, it’s very Good deal. If you’re ok adding all that weight to front of car. What’s nice about the ESS is the total weight added is the lowest of the FI systems out there.
  10. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    And less stress than a baped oem pump ?
  11. Anyone else happy not to drive their mustang and just look at it?

    Technically you’re correct, however not everyone has the means to a Ferrari etc. The mustang is a performance car in comparison to the average out there. If it’s special to someone why not ? I could afford a better car, but my mustang is special to me. It’s my exotic …….
  12. GM is pulling back on EVs

    Have you ever lived of worked in Africa ? It always baffles me when my countrymen from Europe seem to know so much about rights, equality, what’s correct and what’s not, and labelling a racist when they have never lived/ worked in Africa. Before calling Vlad ignorant etc, do you know his...
  13. GM is pulling back on EVs

    Perhaps this is a good time for being left behind and not be part of a craze that really has serious bridges to cross. Do u know that in Africa most countries only supply electricity for partial periods. Zimbabwe only supplies on average 6 hours per day. Many places in South America also...
  14. GM is pulling back on EVs

    Are those the countries that have put sanctions on Russia. Are now going to freeze their balls off in winter and are shutting down nuclear power stations. And then revert to running coal plants to make electricity. I suppose there are many tree hugging fools in this world.
  15. GM is pulling back on EVs

    IMHO, I think electric cars will only really take off when batteries are lighter a lot cheaper and when we generate electricity more efficiently and abundantly . The idea is good and all , but we are still like cavemen with certain technologies
  16. Paint Match, am I being dramatic?

    Its A small chance it will be perfect, so some difference is almost assured. But that is waaaaay off. If it were me I’d ask for a better match. But that’s just my 2c
  17. Hood paint bubbles

    It can be fixed , but requires a very detailed method of treatment Which entails stripping all the old paint paint off and multiple steps thereafter. I think the labour cost becomes so high you might as well replace the hood.
  18. Hood paint bubbles

    It’s called filiform corrosion. It runs under the Paint . Don’t ignore it as it spreads rapidly