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  1. what exhaust you guys running with catless headers

    Kooks long tubes, catless, h pipe with bottle style resonators and corsa sport active cat back.
  2. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Setup is in the video description.
  3. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Finished my exhaust.
  4. Exhaust Pressure Testing

    Unless my active axleback is worthbsomething to someone i might cut open a stock active muffler to see how its contructed.
  5. Exhaust Pressure Testing

    I asked Corsa if it was 3" everywhere or if i reduced down anywhere. The person i spoke to claimed 3in throughout. I dont have the stones to cut a muffler open to call their bluff.
  6. Exhaust Pressure Testing

    Normal, quiet and track
  7. Exhaust Pressure Testing

    Stainless bros, forget the model number but they are the longer version. I think they are 17" long. Uploading a youtube video now.
  8. Exhaust Pressure Testing

    Ok. Let me pull it off the lift
  9. Exhaust Pressure Testing

    Finally 3inch all the way back. Kooks 1-7/8" longtubes. 3inch elbows, 3inch H pipe with stainless resonators and Corsa sport active axle backs. Is it spring yet?
  10. Exhaust Pressure Testing

    Ahh. I got stuck working basically non stop and must have forgotten about it. I do have a sound clip of the active in the driveway but no drive by from my phone.
  11. Exhaust Pressure Testing

    As far as? I am 3" all the way to the axles now and i do like how it sounds. I have the active corsa axle backs ready to go on i was actually wanting to get on this week. We have a big snow storm coming so i guess i need to get the snow blower checked out first though. I think i need to clean...
  12. Michigan Roush rear diffuser

    Still available.
  13. Michigan Roush rear diffuser

    Dont know if this helps you out or not
  14. Michigan Roush rear diffuser

    I have no idea. Two screws on either side of the reverse light and two bolt on the bottom of the ridge of the oem diffuser
  15. Questions about Kooks install.

    You will. Not right away though. Think it took a few miles. It will be from the rear cat sensors (unless you have green cats) those just check the health of your cats. But your fueling will be off as well. Good way to hurt your car if you are hard on the gas.
  16. Questions about Kooks install.

    Starter, motor mounts have to come off. The manifold studs it will save youba lot of time if you just crack the nuts loose then jump to removing the studs. A 1/4 socket will work on the end of those studs. And you will need every combonof wrench possible. Stubby swivel heads, ect. A lot of times...
  17. Questions about Kooks install.

    You dont have to remove the whole column. Just unbolt the joint and swing it out of the way
  18. Michigan Roush rear diffuser

    $80. Give your mustang a christmas gift.