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  1. Brand New And Broke

    Yes the TCM issue is opsurd..........but let's also throw in the LEADFRAMES for the 6r lol ..... I think have more of those then tcms right now .
  2. Brand New And Broke

    Thank you brother
  3. Brand New And Broke

    Being a tech , I will believe it when I see it . The crap coming out is worse then the 80's stuff . Farley speaks with a forked tongue. He needs to figure out how to cut expenses, so less warranty spend = cut labor time for repair not quality have to keep up production of crap . This is across...
  4. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Received some art work I ordered , now need to figure out where to hang it . My wife thinks I am opposed.
  5. FYI: This is What is: "Not" Covered By an Extended Ford Warranty Plan

    Warranty coverage from an oasis report â–´ WARRANTY COVERAGE COVERAGE TYPE:Bumper-to-Bumper COVERAGE DESCRIPTION:3 years / 36,000 Miles (whichever occurs first) ADDITIONAL INFO:Some B-to-B parts have limited coverage available: Brake pads/linings are limited to 12 months / 18,000 mile...
  6. FYI: This is What is: "Not" Covered By an Extended Ford Warranty Plan

    True this pads iirc 12 12 wipers 6 months alignment and tire balance 6 months
  7. Brand New And Broke

    Ok I have to ask , what transmission are you referring to
  8. Brand New And Broke

    No ........LOL .........Most vehicles that come off the truck have about 5 miles . Most of the miles are from transport ...... moving from rail yard to truck ........ at least that what I see in AZ . Have to justify the 1900 destination charge ..... LOL
  9. Brand New And Broke

    Another note the window sticker states ( Fighter Jet Gray ) but when you run an OASIS report the color is ( Cactus Gray ) . Ford being constantly inconsistent.........LOL
  10. Brand New And Broke

    Have to remember the parts used go to the lowest bid ......sad to say . If you all new of the APIM issues right now would blow your mind . Sync is great , when it works
  11. Brand New And Broke

    Not my car . Back story . Guy seen this Mach 1 on a transport . Followed it to my place of employment , he had to have . So sales wanting to make a deal , rushed it to get the PDI done . Luckily the inventory manger would not let the guy drive it . So every thing is in a rush , I pop the hood...

    Some contrasting colors on a cruise . Love this color
  13. Random startup issue. Need advice!

    So happened once ? How long did it set between restarts ?
  14. Random startup issue. Need advice!

    And how many times have it happened?
  15. S197 Hybrid - 2006 Mustang with S550 guts

    With all that gauging in the matting surface I would be concerned.
  16. Puddle On Garage Floor - Redish Brown

    Only if he was backed into the parking spot
  17. Puddle On Garage Floor - Redish Brown

    Not judging your choice of dealer , but by my operservtion, from the pictures . I would put money on the coolant pump is at fault. Just my guess.