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  1. PSA: New Tread Widths on Conti Extreme Contact Sport 02

    Nice to know as both are stock sizes for a ZL1-1LE, thank you
  2. 2018 GT350 or 2022 Dodge TRX?

    I finally got my TRX, I've never had a vehicle this nice. It is transportation and has reminded me why I went 6spd zl1 over waiting for the GT500
  3. I think I've had enough of the 350......

    Yes i do, for now. Local track closed…but i will have a hard time selling it. If i do sell, I’ll need something to shift ASAP lol
  4. I think I've had enough of the 350......

    saw one just like this when tinting my truck windows and i could not stop staring. Beautiful car and color OP, good luck, i got tired of messing with mine also, the dealer can make or break the situation….mine went 3 levels past broken lol
  5. High Mileage Gt350 - Keep or Sell

    I think the ZL1 is the best bang for buck, but after reading your post and everything you've been through...sounds like you love that 350 and nothing is gonna take it's place adequately
  6. Rev/Shift hang and launch assist

    i have zero objective data/proof, but the feeling your describing was not there until my lund tune. most noticeable at highway speeds and lazy shifting, it was too many rpm for the next gear. they mentioned they could turn it off...but seems they also turned it on lol
  7. Rev/Shift hang and launch assist

    mine was bad after one Lund tune, one email to them fixed it.
  8. Anderson Composites GT500 CFTP Wing Showed Up..

    i think every ZL1-1LE wing i've seen from them has had similar issues
  9. 2018 GT350 or 2022 Dodge TRX?

    Glenn CDJR is doing 4% under invoice also, amounted to almost 10k off sticker. Mine is supposedly gonna be here in april. Honestly, I want the trackhawk, but am not paying that much and need a truck at times. Would also feel bad taking the hawk down all the gravel for work. I can’t DD a...
  10. Grabber blue or Heritage Brittany blue?

    Totally understand, still will be a beauty. I know I’m in the minority on the stripe thing lol. Honestly either color will be awesome, I’ve just ALWAYS loved grabber blue. Congrats to you, will be looking forward to pics!
  11. Grabber blue or Heritage Brittany blue?

    If i had a CFTP allocation, it’d be a grabber blue stripeless black roofed beauty

    Those look like SVE replicas
  13. GT350R vs EVERYTHING

    Probably my favorite shaped car ever when done in resto-mod or pro-touring form. And to keep the thread on track, what about a modded SS1LE for old school NA sound, manual, good chassis? will lack the “special” part, but hard to deny it’s capabilities
  14. My Ford GT500 has truly ruined my passion for others😳

    I’ve always had this problem too lol…always justifying that next little price bump! Next thing you know you’ll be in a senna. I love the AMG GT, there’s one local, he’s modded and absolutely flies. The other side to your view is passing an exotic in something much cheaper, might not be as...
  15. Gt350 track attack # 12

    I have a couple also
  16. Anybody recognize these wheels?

    I thought it was an apex arc 8, but I’m only seeing 7…even the center caps look like apex
  17. Limitations on exposed carbon I/P?

    I have no experience with the gt500, but ordered a TRX in October and was told my options would delay the build. Just also recently learned most of the last trackhawks made were without the pano roof(used to be hard to find one without the pano). So it's entirely possible they're having a supply...
  18. [email protected] Factory DCT/Clutches GT500

    Well, that’s a badass pic