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  1. Arizona Forgestar Drag Pack

    I’m interested. Can you PM me? I’m in Phoenix.
  2. FS: Kenne Bell/Boost Works 1200hp package!

    I have a few questions, I'll send you a PM!
  3. FS: Kenne Bell/Boost Works 1200hp package!

    would just a BAP, Injectors and Tune be needed to run it all?
  4. Ford Failure - Cooling Fans

    codemanstang I was getting help with replacing the part until I filed for buy-back. Now they apparently "can't replicate" the problem anymore.
  5. Ford Failure - Cooling Fans

    At this point, I am using this forum as a resource and hopefully someone from Ford is on the boards and can help me. Here's the back story: August 10, 2016 - 7k miles - complaint of bearing noise. RESULT: Dealer Ignored March 27, 2017 - 18k miles - Complaint of bearing noise RESULT: Replaced...
  6. Cooling fan noise / squeak

    Commbubba19 it will come back I promise.
  7. Fan Cooling Motor Replaced

    there is no TSB at this time.
  8. Cooling fan noise / squeak

    Ive had mine replaced 3 times, and its there for a 4th time now. Ford has no solution for this still.
  9. Fan Cooling Motor Replaced

    I have had this replaced 3 times and at the dealership a 4th time now. spoke with ford corporate and they don't have any common issues with this and won't offer me Lemon Law. Good luck. mines a 16 with 25k miles now. started at 6k for me and they can't find a solution or cause of this problem.
  10. FS: Paxton 2200SL Supercharger "Tuner Kit"

    I wish you were closer, and I had the cash to spend right now. Good luck, it won't last long I am sure!
  11. Tru Forged Chicanes

    offsets? Interested in a possible trade?
  12. Brand new RST McCloud + Flywheel $850

    Shipping to 85225?
  13. Want to buy stock exhaust in Tucson

    I have one in phoenix if you want to come up here and get it.
  14. Vinyl Wrapped S550's (Pictures)

    For everyone who has vinyl wrapped their cars.... What do you use to protect the vinyl from fading and all that? Ive been recommended ceramic pro, and adams polishes ceramic coating. So what do you all recommend? Thanks in advance!
  15. Blowfish Racing Stock TB to GT350 Manifold Adapter

    take $30 shipped? If so, PM me your paypal info