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  1. What exotic cars should I be able to take down?

    lamborghini gallardo I know from personal experience with a Stage 1 making 620whp you can beat a Lamborghini Gallardo by about 4-5 car lengths from a 50mph roll. Was literally side by side with a GTR from about 40mph - 100mph. No idea if it was stock or not.
  2. Sagacity's Limited Edition(0146) BMR/Whipple Build

    Under Hood Plaque It's been awhile since I have done anything to the car but thought I would post up this pic of the Vinyl Decal I made for the radiator cover. I bought me a vinyl cutter and have been working on some ideas.
  3. Trade in Part out Sale . GT350 im, injectors , airaid , jlt . more.....

    Wrong forum but The RS is a lot of fun. My wife got one. It's a completely different driving experience compared to the Mustang. Mishimoto is having a pre sale on their intercooler and overflow tank. They also have a nice cold air intake system. Good luck with the sale!
  4. SoCal Cruise: Tuna Canyon - May 27, 2017 Saturday

    >_< Would love to go but I don't get off work until 0730. My summer schedule sucks.
  5. ARK Performance exhaust

    I've been thinking about it lately just not sure how much louder it will be. Would definetly love to hear a sound clip after you install.
  6. Mustang 6g Instagram Community

    Instagram Sagacity.m
  7. Pony Hood Projector

    There is an increase in noise which is one of the other reasons why I did it, to hear the Whipple whine.
  8. Pony Hood Projector

    I ended up removing the insulation and using an air brush to paint the pony white. It really contrasts well with the Blue. As an added benefit it has helped lower the under hood temperatures, probably by allowing more air flow through the hood vents.
  9. Rivets Size on Engine Cover?

    Intake emblems There is a whole thread that actually shows what it looks like under the 5.0 emblem and has pics of the different emblems out there and where to get them. Can Get them at...
  10. Custom Center Console Coasters

    Thread back from the dead Since this got revived from the dead I'll share some new pics of ones I've done.
  11. Water Pump/pulley Failure

    Has anyone had the water pump/pulley come loose or wobble? My pulley developed a wobble which caused it to fail. I thought it was just me but I ran into another person with a supercharger that had the exact same issue. When I went to order a replacement water pump I noticed that the one that...
  12. SoCal & NorCal: Pre-Fabulous Fords Forever Event - April 29, 2017

    I'm in I'm in for the whole weekend of fun. Driving up Saturday morning from San Diego and staying the night by Knotts Berry farm. Wife is bringing the Focus RS and I'm bringing the GT. :headbang:
  13. Aces IV additive/octane enhancer

    Aces Was just reading up on this. It is not even comparable to Octanuim or Torco. Only similarity is that they both increase octane which is the only thing torco or octanuim do. This does that plus a lot more. You should read up on it instead of making a canned response that contributes...
  14. Whipple cosmetics

    Ebay. Just measure you diameter and length and you can find silicone hoses on there to fit. I bought some blue ones but didn't end up using them long because the blue was the wrong hue.
  15. Supercharger Feedback... Share your opinions :)

    Happy with my whipple My previous car was a 2005 Mustang GT with no cats, xpipe and full suspension upgrade and a Paxton 2200SL putting down 500hp to the rear wheels. Current car is a 2015 Mustang GT LE with a Whipple stage 1 and stock engine except OPG, ATI Damper and Forged cam sprocket...
  16. Ecoboost engine cover emblem prototype

    3M super spray adhesive. Home depot has it. Any of the 3M spray adhesive will work good or rubber cement.
  17. Ecoboost engine cover emblem prototype

    $20 for the ecoboost emblems
  18. Sagacity's Limited Edition(0146) BMR/Whipple Build

    Whipple Dyno Day - 620 rwh [ame=""] Whipple Dyno Day April 1, 2017. Made 620whp
  19. Whipple Factory Dyno Day w/ Car Show & Meet April 1st

    Great Time Here's a few Pics from the event.
  20. Mishimoto radiator clearance

    With the Whipple it requires some modifications to fit. The rear barb on the top of the tank has to be trimmed. Also you have to take the two clips that the tank mounts and reverse them so they are closer to the front and trim the plastic a little bit. It's not hard to make it fit but it does...