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  1. 2015-2018 GT350 Style Spoiler $63!? Yep one of those threads again. Anyone buy these super cheap spoilers? If so does the screw holes line up like the one in the 2017 discussion do or the current $150 gt500 style ones.
  2. Tire sidewall splitting causes?

    My friends car has his sidewall splitting pretty bad. Any idea the cause? It was driven with 38psi so Im betting tire defect. It did have 30K miles on it so it was pretty much done anyway. It shouldnt be rubbing since theres a ton of clearance (its a suv).
  3. mustang center cap seperating

    Anyone elses center caps starting to come apart? 2 of them are separating, one at the horse head and the other at the tail.
  4. BMW burns, what would you have done? The rational logic would have been to shut engine down and get out a different door but fire could have spread there too. This guy pulls it off by driving fast and simmering the flames.
  5. Kid steals a manual mustang and wrecks it

    What a dummy.
  6. Automatic shifter rattle

    it sounds like its about one inch under the base of the shifter. It starts rattling around 30mph and gets progressively louder based on speed and not rpm or gear. I took it on the highway and the rattle reduced to barely audible and now even at 30mph its barely audible. Still annoying and I have...
  7. Mustang GT Uppergrill variants? Obviously not worried about the lack of the pony but why are the grills different? It states its an OEM part. One has more openings than the other.
  8. Buying Ecoboost for the exhaust sounds

    Serious question here, anyone bought the ecoboost because they liked the sound of an inline 4/turbo noises? I know many of us love the V8 rumble but I was checking to see if this was the same for the ecoboost guys.
  9. Engine braking

    I can't seem to find any test dedicated to this but, I know that engine braking helps the car slow down. So 2 tests: 80-0 mph while in neutral and flat on the brake pedal 80-0 mph while downshifting and flat on the brake pedal What is the difference in length to slow the car down? If someone...
  10. 2018 Mustang goodies

    Premium+ trims will be getting new goodies (maybe even premium/base models) Aluminum start/stop button. Thicker leather steering wheel. Anyone else planning on buying those? :headbang: The digital speedo is actually an upgraded option for NA and standard for Export. I wonder if it'll be...
  11. Driver side floor bump

    Anyone else feel a approx. 6 inch long bump ? It's the right side close to the seat
  12. What's this connector behind my CAI?

    Any idea what it is for? The wiring on the inside goes back to the connector so it doesn't seem like someone accidentally/purposely cut it.
  13. Swap my corsa touring mufflers for your corsa sports

    If you're in the Central valley/bay.
  14. Places in Central Valley/Bay that will install the Power Packs

    Drop em below and their quote. I'm having a hard time o.o
  15. Mustang wheels to another car

    So I have the standard 18x8 wheels which are M14x1.5 acorn (I think) and the receiving car (2010 CRV) uses M12x1.5 ball. How exactly am I going to accomplish this if possible? I dont wanna waste my wheels. :D
  16. Brembo 6 Pistol on Automatic Mustang

    Not many people are talking about but some are claiming the automatic has a different brake master cylinder and brake booster and therefore the brembos wont work. Anyone with experience on this/has Brembo on their autos?
  17. Ford Mustang is unlikely winner of UK gas-mileage marathon

    "It averaged 36.6 mpg Imperial (30.5 mpg U.S.) over a 430-mile course comprised of public roads, making it the most-improved contestant at the 2016 MPG Marathon (via Wards Auto)." Not bad ay?
  18. Brake pedal problem?

    On rare occasions, when I press the brake pedal to start the engine, the pedal is really stiff and doesn't push in much. Is this normal? Once engine is running it is fine. Could it be a vacuum leak or something? Some forums claim this is normal.
  19. Fender to Engine Bay nut

    How does the nut screw on? The driver side one wont screw back on. The washer doesn't come off either. I feel really stupid right now. I feel like this may have been glued on from factory. EDIT: WTF, Im missing the rivet nut Any ideas what I can do about it? For right now im probably going to...