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  1. Michigan Mustang GT350 Rear Wheels

    I bought a set of 4 used rear wheels earlier this year, and realized I'm never going to use them. I have 2 left. TPMS mounted and included. The size is 19x11. They are from a 2017. $450 picked up in SE Michigan.
  2. Michigan Tail lights from 2018 GT350

    Selling these tail lights from my 2018 GT350, they are the 2015-2017 style light. $200 picked up $220 shipped. SE Michigan
  3. Water in tail lights

    About week ago I bought Vland tinted Euros in the marketplace from Moisesg107. They arrived a bit scratched since they were shipped with the lenses touching. There is dirty standing water in the LH tail light. I messaged the seller but have received no response. I also made a case with paypal...