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  1. S650 Mustang to use unique platform with elements from CD6

    Definitely an interesting read and a positive development that the CD6 platform will not be used in it's entirety for the S650 which as others have indicated has been discussed previously.
  2. Getting the new rev match feature on our 350s

    Would definitely be interested in seeing what would be available (still working to improve my heel toe abilities)
  3. BREAKING: 2021 Mustang Mach 1 Confirmed as the Most Track Capable 5.0L V8 Mustang Ever!

    Will have to see the final version in non-camo and the parts list. Fair to assume this would be around for at least 2 model year cycles
  4. End of the GT350 Production. What is Ford's plan?

    This :-) Agree that Ford has all the ingredients on the shelf to make a Boss 302 with the development of a few model specific parts to make it unique. I had a '13 LS, it was an outstanding car that I sadly had to part with due to personal circumstances. Personally I doubt Ford will offer any...
  5. Who else ordered a 2019 GT350/GT350R

    2019 GT350 in Magnetic with Electronics Package, Handling Package, Carbon Fiber Interior Package and Black roof. Picking it up 5/18
  6. GT350 will live past 2019 with GT500 engine block!

    I agree it is good news and it may be enough for me to wait until later in the production cycle to push my order through or wait for a 2020
  7. 2019 GT350 order update

    I did order the Handling Package and I had the same thought when my dealer said we were scheduled for a Job 1 date. I am fine with a Job 2 build as long as I get my 350 built the way I want. I cannot recall when the VIN is assigned from my last build but you should have it around the time of...
  8. 2019 GT350 order update

    Seems the order banks are now open, my dealer has verified my order is in and will be built as part of Job One. Can't wait for the New Year and my new GT350!
  9. Official 2019 GT350 order guide

    My dealer is selling at MSRP, no ADM. Also received an update from Ford Performance that order banks will not open until at least mid-December
  10. Official 2019 GT350 order guide

    Hope you get yours first! Thank you for your service, much appreciated!
  11. Official 2019 GT350 order guide

    Just FYI, I am still being told by dealer, their Ford rep, Ford information Line and Ford Performance that the order banks are NOT open yet for the GT350 and there is no ETA available.
  12. Official 2019 GT350 order guide

    Definitely not rude at all. To further what you stated, I spoke to two different people this morning, one with Ford and another with Ford Performance and both indicated that the order banks are most certainly NOT yet open and there is no projected date at this time. As you said, a dealer can...
  13. Official 2019 GT350 order guide

    Thanks Dan. I will call Ford in the AM. My dealership and their Ford Rep have said they have no idea when the order banks will open.
  14. Official 2019 GT350 order guide

    Nothing that I have seen. Still waiting to hear when the order banks will open.
  15. Official 2019 GT350 order guide

    Magnetic J7 900A 67T 94B 59B 67L
  16. Official 2019 GT350 order guide

    Anyone have a downloadable version of the order guide?
  17. 4 Door Mustang Coming soon

    If Ford wants to build a RWD/AWD sedan on the Mustang platform, the question is why invest in a segment they have already indicated they intend to abandon to the competition. This is a perfect example of the overarching issue, Ford is having difficulty defining strategic direction for the...
  18. 4 Door Mustang Coming soon

    Pictures or no pictures, a 4 door Mustang is a bad idea. Ford ditched all sedans so why create a net new one. The Mustang is a 2 door sporty car and the nameplate should not be diluted in an attempt to sell cars in a segment that Ford has already indicated they intend to abandon
  19. 2019 GT350 order update

    Impatiently waiting for an update, come on Ford! :headbang:
  20. 2019 GT350 order update

    I recall hearing order banks open in November for the GT350. I have mine locked in with my dealer. Trading in the '17 but really excited about the updated GT350.