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  1. Trade Boosted S550 to GT500?

    Thank you everyone for all of the replies, I really appreciate it! Looks like I may be getting into that Shelby sooner rather than later. I will share more when I decide on the one that I am going to get. Thanks Again!
  2. Trade Boosted S550 to GT500?

    I haven't gotten it dynod yet but Roush claims it is 750hp crank, I also added the cooling kit and a resonator delete. The ford dealer that installed it claims it should be around 770hp now. The dealer said the resonator delete usually adds 10hp or so and the cooling kit gives a tiny boost in HP...
  3. Trade Boosted S550 to GT500?

    I definitely care about the money, I am no where near that point in my life yet haha. I might have to go drive one to see how it feels, not a bad idea. I was actually surprised they offered 43k, the car has 14k miles on it right now. The big downside is interest rates are very high right now...
  4. Trade Boosted S550 to GT500?

    Thats how I feel, not really sure how the roush would do against a stock gt500 though.
  5. Trade Boosted S550 to GT500?

    It is a 10 speed which I do love, it is plenty fast for the street.
  6. Trade Boosted S550 to GT500?

    First sorry if this has been posted before, just looking to get some advice/opinions. I have been stuck debating for a while now on trading in my current Mustang. It was bought as a 10 Speed PP1 Premium with every option except magnaride. Shortly after the purchase I had the Roush Phase 2...
  7. Time for new tires on a 21 PP

    I got 12k out of my tires, Michelin Sports 4S Fronts actually went bad before the rears all I really do is spirited driving as well no burnouts.
  8. Will a michelin 315 Poke??

    I fell in love with them, It would be nice if they sold them separately because they really do look great on the car.
  9. Will a michelin 315 Poke??

    I have 305 MIckey Thompson Street S/S on the rear and I think they fit perfectly. Offset is 50mm in the rear.
  10. Question for guys who actually have the the Roush Kit

    When mine went earlier this year I was told by the Dealer that it was a 7 year warranty and the supercharger addition didn't matter. They replaced it no problem, dropped the car off on Wednesday for diagnostics and picked it up the following Monday.
  11. Question for guys who actually have the the Roush Kit

    If i didn't live in NY with the dumb emissions test we have every year my cats would be long gone.
  12. Question for guys who actually have the the Roush Kit

    I just had to have my driver side replaced at 12k miles, supercharger was installed at 5k.
  13. Resonator Delete poll

    I went with the Roush H-Pipe, couldn't be any happier. It is definitely a noticeable improvement over stock.
  14. Average S550 monthly payment?

    $53,000 in May 2020 Got a 72 Month 0% APR, so my payment is $735. Only good thing COVID did for me.
  15. Mach 1 Cup2 Uneven Wear

    my PS4S were shot at 10k on my PP1, same problem inside of tire. Alignment was all good seems to be they just wear out fast.
  16. 30 or 35 series on 19s ?

    I went with 285/35/19 in the Front and 305/35/19 in the rear Fronts - Michelin Sport 4S Rear - Mickey Thompson Street SS
  17. Recommend: Gloss or Mat for Vinyl Roof wrap

    Gloss Black wrap for me, i haven't noticed any temperature difference before or after.
  18. Rim reccomendations

    They are part of the Roush Max Cooling Package, I am really happy with them they add a nice look to the car.
  19. Rim reccomendations

    I have the SVE MPH1 Wheels in Gloss black and I love them. i
  20. Mickey Thompson ET Street S/S Tire 0-60 Times On The Street

    This is what I was able to get on the street and the road was not the greatest it was a country road. Im very happy with what these tires did. It did take some getting used to how to launch it properly. But once you get the hang of it, its a lot of fun!