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  1. BMR/Steeda Suspension Mods

    A lil late response and I probably should've stated it earlier. I ordered the cb005 kit from lethal due to it being a backup jacking point and there was a sale going on. Given my circumstance of NOT getting the product in within over 2 months, you will experience the same thing. Stick with...
  2. BMR/Steeda Suspension Mods

    I have a cb005 kit on order since July. Bmr production chain must be screwed. I was told September shipment
  3. A/C Evaporator Factory Defect

    I recall mine hissed passenger side around the time the evap died on mine originally. Also when mine died, I drove it ATLEAST every weekend so it shouldn't be due to dry o-rings or whatever. AC is on everytime I get in the car. I drove it way less the pass 2 years during covid. not entirely...
  4. A/C Evaporator Factory Defect

    2 years solid on mine since the repair but the car doesn't get driven as much. Maybe 10K miles since.
  5. Tested: Mustang Mach 1 vs 2023 Nissan Z Performance - Comparison Review

    i know its nit picky but damn they kept those stupid door handles from the 350/70z?!?!
  6. What should I get supercharger or turbo

    my votes on supercharger. looking at a whipple whenever they decide to go on sale.. lol
  7. Transferring Ford ESP

    contact the chevy dealer? Otherwise u can still purchase ESP after a local dealer checks over the car. I did that 4 years in because the evap is garbage.
  8. Dynamic Diode Switchback fell out

    Use like 1 inch wide electrical tape and tape around the housing of the bulb and housing of the plug. Basically covering the area where the bulb goes into the housing. Here's a terrible image with a factory bulb: between the black lines.
  9. Mustang GT PP weighs more than a Truck

    Mustangs are nearly full steel machines. Steel chassis, most of the panels, basically all of the subframe components.. the platform itself is pretty dated. F150 on the other hand, all aluminum panels. 2015 release resulted in 700+ pounds weight loss...
  10. Are Mustangs Dangerous?

    Mustangs wouldnt have the rep it does as "dangerous" if they hid the traction control button from idiots. 🤣
  11. What intake is on my car?

    99% chance it has the PP2 tune (or some aftermarket tune after they had the pp2 installed). The engine cover and the PCV tube (marked in the image below) may rub. The install manual actually instructed people to shave off the corner of the engine cover for clearance. Check yours to see if its...
  12. 2020 Mustang GT Rear Rotors are Marked and Look Like a Record

    my rears are like that. 26K miles so far no vibration issues.
  13. Power Pack 1, 2 and 3

    what the fuck is going on
  14. Programming a Key Fob

    Couldn’t get it to work until I followed these intructions. Idk if it’s orientation or removal of the key ring.
  15. GT350 Possible Purchase

    I just remembered the base had a wimpy trunk spoiler and you're right. It seems to have the electronics package too (or atleast sync 3). Seems like a go for a purchase to me!