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  1. Isn’t it kinda tacky?

    With the war in Ukraine, not sure how the soldiers would take this!
  2. Lubing the latches!

    Just a FYI for some that may not be aware. The front latches will get dry from sitting up and with the top up you may get a metal popping or rattle sound directly over head. Put a little lube where the top latches to the frame and back to normal. Jf
  3. Inflatable paddle board

    Have any of you had any experience with these? I’m looking at the blackfin xl, primarily for the wife to take on vacation. Her concern is the inflatable part. Is it rigid enough etc. thanks
  4. Kindergarten Art

    I know it’s not a guy thing, but most of us have or will have em. My wife teaches kindergarten and every year she has the kids paint a Jackson Pollock style painting on canvas. Some of my favorites.
  5. Pictures of cars for sale?

    Why do people post pictures of their car or truck that they’re selling at a gas station at the fuel pumps. And usually it’s at night. Even if it was a vehicle I was interested in I wouldn’t take them as a legitimate seller.
  6. Cleaned The Windshield

    My wife’s windshield on her Pilot was horrible from water spots to jet fuel residue from leaving it at the airport on two occasions. So today I took a razor blade to it then a clay bar and not much better. My wife suggested some stuff we’ve had for cleaning the glass shower. Bio-Clean. A bit...
  7. Machined wheels and silver wheels

    I’ve seen pictures of some 50th anniversary LE’s that had a machined wheel and some that were silver. Just curious why the difference.
  8. Louisiana HRE FF15 18x9 silver

    Looking for two FF15 18x9’s in silver. Also have two 18x10’s if interested in trading for the same in 18x9 that are in very good condition.
  9. Louisiana (SOLD) HRE FF15 18x9 (2) 18x10 (2)

    HRE FF15’s in liquid silver 18x9 front and 18x10 rear. All wheels have centering rings, TPMS, and center caps. Wheels are in very good condition with no curb rash, scratches, paint chips etc. Tires have around 15-20k miles on them with good even wear. Neither have been abused or tracked...
  10. Cross Axis Joint and Improved Stabalizer Bar Questions

    I have a ‘16 GT vert and test drove a ‘19 GT vert the other day and it just felt smoother than mine. Both on 18” tires, both non-PP. Out of curiosity, I started googling differences or upgrades Ford did it 2018. The only thing I found was an article in that referenced Ford went to a new cross...
  11. CARFAX check yours!

    I recently got a quote to sell my ‘16. The dealer pulled a CARFAX report and questioned me about DAMAGE REPORTED back in May 2018. I said I’m unsure, because nothing has ever happened to the car. So, I pay my $39 to get a copy and sure enough it shows damaged on that date. So, I open up an...
  12. Parking Brake Rattle

    For a month or so I’ve had something bumping metal on metal in or around the cabin. Couldn’t pin point where. Last we found it, parking brake cable wasn’t tight enough allowing the tensioner to bump the bracket directly under the drivers seat on the transmission tunnel. Takes a 10 mm wrench to...
  13. Question about FR Borla Sport axle back

    In installed these axle backs with Steeda’s H pipe. They sound great, except from 2200-2700 rpms when moderately accelerating. In that rpm range the sound gets high then drops back off to a super nice tone all the way up through the rpm range. Will adding their resonator smooth that out...
  14. Koni Active Shocks

    I installed these on my ‘16 non-pp GT Convertible auto with HRE 18” wheels with 20k miles. I don’t race or auto cross, just a weekend cruiser for two 40+ year olds. Prior to changing them out the things I didn’t care for with the oem shocks/struts was I felt like I was riding on the rear axle...
  15. 2nd Opinion On Tire Sizes

    I’m going with 18x9 front and 18x10 on the rear. I want to keep as much of the same tire diameter as the original oem tires. If I understand it right, the originals have a 27.3” diameter. I’m bout to order 255/45ZR18 for the fronts that are 27.1 and 285/40ZR18 for the rears that are 27. From...
  16. DL vibration in a Vert?

    I know there's a big thread already on the DL vibration, but my question is to other vert owners is if I have the DL vibration or if this is a normal character of our verts. When I bought it new, GT, I noticed right off it I could feel every ripple in the road and I would get a shimming...
  17. Axle Back on Vert

    Curious to who has put axle back mufflers on and sound quality, good and bad, on the verts. All the videos seem to be coupes only. I like the sound of the oem's, but would like a little more during acceleration, but retain the quietness at cruising speed with top up and down. Edit, I just...
  18. BBC Top Gear America

    One word...horrible! BBC please stop.
  19. 1st road trip

    We made our first road trip from west La. to Big Bend National Park in west Tx. Top down on the trip there and while there. On the return trip it as up. Fuel mileage average was 24 mpg with an average speed of 55 mph if my math was right. Like most have reported the displayed fuel mileage...
  20. 20" Foundry wheels and tires in west La. $1,200.

    I just purchased a '16 GT convertible in December '16 and decided to take the 20's off it. Tires have approximately 850 miles on them when I took them off with no burnouts, damage, flats, etc. I now have a little over 1k miles on the car as seen in one of the pics. There is no curb damage to...