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  1. Video: Mustang GT vs Mach 1 vs Camaro 2SS @Quarter Mile

    I finally had the chance to rent a dragstrip to finally make some quarter mile comparisons with some of the greatest modern american cars. So I wanted to share with you my video with the to me quite surprising result. If I'm not wrong it might be first comparison between the european models of...
  2. 2022 California Special Convertible on sale in Europe

    Isn't this the US CS? It has an unique grille and wheels. but surely Ford just went with what they already had homologated, that's why the EU Mach 1 was just reusing the Bullitt engine tuning
  3. 2022 California Special Convertible on sale in Europe

    This is not even a real California Special. They just made a Bullits partsbin (grille, wheels) and added a CS badge to it. WTF Ford? Why can't you just sell the real CS editions with the unique grille, wheels and sidevents?
  4. 2022 Order Guide Soon?

    I think most of the times the EU models started production a few weeks after US production, shipping just takes 2 months on top. The MY2021 arrived here around April when I remember correctly.
  5. 2022 Order Guide Soon?

    Never heard about that here in Germany yet. I will ask around to see what I can find out. But honestly, I heard enough of statements like this from dealers when they want to make a sale. I stopped counting how many bad rumors were spread through dealers (active exhaust wouldn't be legal...
  6. Bullitt dreams slashed for now, considering an Ecoboost.

    Currently prices are at a very high point. carmakers are having troubles building new cars first with Covid and now with chip shortages, so lots are empty -> Prices are rising. If you want a good deal on a Mustang my best guess is to still keep waiting a bit longer. It's just a really bad time...
  7. Official: 2022 Maverick Pickup Truck Starts Under $20K and Gets 40MPG

    Ooof, honestly this is one of the ugliest cars Ford has made in a long time to me. The whole proportions with huge headlights which are nearly as big as the grille and the big plastic lower bumper look like a funny cartoon version of a F150
  8. Former Mustang Chief Engineer Insists Your V8 Is Safe—For Now

    I really like Widmann, he always seems like an honest guy that cares about the Mustang and is pretty open in interviews. To me his statements here sounds like what was a bit expected: Mustang7 might still have the V8 option, but we already know that a hybrid will be offered. I think his point...
  9. Why DIDN'T you get a camaro?

    The opposite is the case. The Camaro does use all 5 gears to accelerate to VMAX which is about 180 mph, it's just not possible to have a non-overdrive gear that goes that far without ruining your overall axle ratio. Ford on the other hand decided that the 5th gear in Mustang 15-17 only reaches...
  10. Still NO foreign country deliveries yet ?

    For Europe all Mustangs are currently on hold, even the ones that already arrived at the dealerships. Since January 1st all new cars must have the Fuel Consumption Monitor (FCM) that fits the new Euro 6 regulations. Afaik the Mustangs don't have that currently and are all waiting for the...
  11. First Quarter 2021 Muscle Car Sales

    That's why I think Dodge will have a hard time to survive the switch to Hybrids and EVs, since they relied so much on old tech with big engines. Chevy and Ford are all in the new technologies, have their own products already on the market. Mustang Hybrid is only 2 years away, Mach-E will make...
  12. First Quarter 2021 Muscle Car Sales

    GM is not investing any money in the Camaro anymore and focuses on the C8. While Mustang and Challenger are still pushing their marketing with new models (Bullitt, Mach 1, Widebodys, Shaker combos, etc), Chevy is just doing nothing but let the Camaro be around at some race events. It is actually...
  13. 2021 Mach 1 Reviews Compilation

    First time I hear this. This would be insane and a huge f*** up on Ford side. Seems like this is confirmed here and here
  14. It's been a decade but I have a Mustang again

    Nice choice. Would be great to hear some more details how the actual driving of the M1 HP is against the 1LE.
  15. Mach 1 Owners edition pictures

    It's just a photoshopped version of their press release pictures, not even real pictures of the shown color. Especially the black one looks just laughable, no black color looks like that, they just darkened the FJG really bad. And did they really removed the vinyls on the black one? Sorry but...
  16. Fords tracking API not working anymore - Ideas?

    Ok got everything I need at the moment. Seems like Ford is only reporting data for some cars at the moment. The big thing is that Fords website is only available for north american customers. The second URL is a connector to the data that can be used by anyone. . I got a fully working tracker...
  17. Fords tracking API not working anymore - Ideas?

    Would be great if you can send me your VIN + Order Number via PM :thumbsup:
  18. Fords tracking API not working anymore - Ideas?

    Usally Ford allowed tracking their vehicles by this API*&vin=XXXX (XXXX => replace it with your VIN ) It seems like Ford changed the API a bit, that it doesn't work that way anymore. Update: Thanks for your...
  19. Jus a really stupid question but I think I may have stumbled upon a very rare s550 with very low miles. I believe it’s the 2016 pp2? Can anyone share

    The Performance Package 2 was announced late 2017 and only available with MY2018+ which is the refresh. Since your car is a 15-17 model, it can't be a PP2
  20. 2021 Mach 1 video reviews

    Using Rev Match and No Lift Shift should reduce the wear since the car is making sure you have an optimal RPM when engaging.