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  1. ?? Centri Owners Who DID-NOT do OPG/CS

    half shafts, and you’re absolutely correct on it not being a 1200 job if you can do it yourself.
  2. ?? Centri Owners Who DID-NOT do OPG/CS

    A lot of our customers are grudge guys, beating on the motor a bit, daily. Almost everyone of the guys that didnt replace the OPG's broke them but along with other things. A lot of our customers arent on social media which stinks cause that would help spread some useful knowledge and allow us...
  3. Whipple Metrics

    It wouldnt, cause if its me, they would have to go to the bathroom before catching up!
  4. Whipple Metrics

    thats a 2018+ with DI, 2011-2017 that’s impossible. That 1000hp on 93 I can guarantee was dialed down because just like e85 93 has major quality issues.
  5. Mach 1 HP Whipple

    Lowering springs?
  6. Whipple Metrics

    I just want to see a 1000hp mustang on 93 octane!
  7. Timing advice - Anxiety after OPG install

    Ford has an easy step by step process, if there's someone on here that can send you that you'll be fine.
  8. Whipple Gen 5 Stage 2 + headers & cats

    This also had Kooks headers with Vibrant O2 foulers. We've never had a whipple tuned Mustang make close to 700rwhp. With that said, the very same car could've dynoed 650 the very next day. The weather, humidity, the mood of the dyno all play a huge part in numbers. No correcting, no...
  9. Whipple Gen 5 Stage 2 + headers & cats

    correct, on a whipple tune we’ve seen anywhere from 620-675. Custom tuning we’ve seen anywhere from 690-750 and that’s using the 3.875 and the 3.750 pulley on 93 octane. We’ve gone up to about 825rwhp on E85 with the 3.625 pulley with a stock block. About 925 with a built block and the 3.375...
  10. 2022 Mach 1 Whipple build

    Sorry you had issues with your whipple install on the Mach 1. We just finished a Whipple stage 2 install on this 2022 Mach 1 and it was smooth sailing. With that said, the company you bought the kit from should go to bay for you as opposed to yourself having to do it.
  11. Forged 1 piece or Multi-piece?

    The 21” really only pertains to the GT500 cars running multi piece. A 20” multi will not clear the calipers on a GT500. if you want super light, stick to monoblock. Multi piece look sexy on these cars but are heavier.
  12. 2022 mustang gt cam swap

    yeah if it’s already apart there’s no harm. You’re right about the rpm range though!
  13. What Coilovers? (OEM like performance, or softer)

    If you’re more worried about softness I’d take a look at steeda’s coilovers with their cc plates. Also ridetech’s HQ are solid and you can get custom spring rates as well. We’ve ran both these and tested them for those looking for street, strip and track. Let us know if we can help you out!
  14. Best long block (for boost) that could theoretically run on a stock tune and pass CA smog?

    different fuel lines, regulator, different drop in fuel hat, wiring is different as well. If you purchase a quality fuel system (fore), you’re essentially replacing the entire stock fuel system. You could keep the stock fuel lines in the car though. I’d also assume you’d pass emissions with a...
  15. HyperCarbon Carbon Fiber

    We have some more 18+ and 15-17 HyperCarbon steering wheels ready to go! All but one are perforated leather, gloss carbon with red stripe and stitching. We have one 18+ matte carbon with alcantra with red stripe and stitching. Shoot me a PM for special pricing on these! Edit: alcantra is now...
  16. Best long block (for boost) that could theoretically run on a stock tune and pass CA smog?

    As long as compression is the same, valvetrain is the same you’ll be fine on a stock tune. What’s the end goal? If you run e85 and boost you’ll need a fuel system, that will be a pain to swap everything over everytime you need to get a smog test. 93 or 91 with vp octanium and BAP can get...
  17. Borla Atak + Headers?

    It is so damn loud! If you want loud, this is a great option!
  18. 2022 mustang gt cam swap

    My personal opinion. If you don’t lock your VCT and run springs, cams I feel really aren’t worth it.