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  1. SOLD - Nexen Winguard Sport 2 Winter Tyres x 4

    Nexen Winguard Sport 2 Performance Winter Tyres 2 x 275/40/19 2 x 255/40/19 8mm tread across on all 4 tyres. No damage, punctures, repairs, etc. Used last winter and they were invaluable, incredible the difference they make even just at low temperatures. £250 for the set. Collection from...
  2. Reverse Camera guidance lines gone

    I noticed yesterday that the guidance lines on my reversing camera have gone, have tried absolutely everything to get them back with no luck. I know they can be turned on and off with the advanced park pilot option, but thats turned on (the picture of the car in the top right comes on with the...
  3. Cobb Accessport V3 & Airaid intake

    Cobb Accessport V3 & Airaid intake tube for Ecoboost Mustang. Cobb is on the latest firmware and unmarried from the car £400 inc postage (within Mainland UK)
  4. SOLD - GT Hood Vents (DIB) - SOLD

    Bought these from NTO & shipped over via Stackry. Had a change of heart on getting them installed, nowhere close to me i'd trust & i'm not sure i want to do a completely irreversible mod now. As you can see they're Deep Impact Blue but there's nothing to stop the buyer having them resprayed...
  5. Clutch assist spring assembly

    Hi, does anyone know what the Ford part number is for the clutch assist spring assembly. I removed my spring earlier this year but part of the assembly flew off and has never been seen again. I was considering fitting a Steeda 35lb spring but obviously i need to source the missing piece of the...
  6. ALL SOLD Hotwheels Shelby GT350R

    3 x Hotwheels Shelby GT350R models i picked up stateside a couple of weeks ago. £4 each inc postage.
  7. Police step up a level

    Interesting to find out which forces have bought them. Durham RPU have a decent selection in their interceptor squad, they'll probably end up with one.
  8. Spacers on Ecobeast?

    Ok so i see GT guys are pretty much running 25mm spacers on the front & 23mm spacers on the back i assume that's because you're tyres are 255 front & 275 rear. Is it then safe to assume the Ecobeast would need 25mm all round as the tyres are all 255? Excuse my complete lack of understanding...
  9. Couple from Northern Pony Club meet tonight

    Couple of pics from the first Northern Pony Club meeting of the year tonight, almost had a car from each generation with C11EWM and myself bringing in the 6th Gen. Just as i was leaving a GT500 turned up :thumbsup:
  10. Wasn't going to mod ..

    Gonna keep it pretty much stock I said £735 from UK Magnaflow distributor! Considering the cheapest website I've seen it for in the states is CJP and they're selling it for $1100 (£785) I got a bargain, plus no shipping/customs/duty to worry about.
  11. New Top Gear ... Look what features a lot

  12. Silverstone

    Just had an invite from Ford to Silverstone on 6th April, 2 hours session with 40 mins on track with an instructor. I assume this must be for champions league owners :) Best place for track day insurance?
  13. Wet carpet

    I posted this over in the uk forum but figured there's more chance someone over the pond has had a similar issue? Basically yesterday I discovered the carpet in rear behind drivers seat (that's your passenger side) was soaking wet & same for driver footwell (again your passenger side). Soaking...
  14. Wet carpet

    Does anyone else have a wet carpet problem? Just noticed behind the driver seat is soaking wet, I have mats in the back and it's wet enough to have soaked through. Not sure when or how it's happened, window closes ok & even if it didn't wouldn't really localise to under a car mat. Think I'll...
  15. The morning school run

    I know we're all Mustang guys but my kids morning drop off is interesting, pony car wars in the school carpark :headbang:
  16. Map light issue

    I've fitted the DD interior led kit yesterday, all seemed ok and everything worked. Got into the car this morning and noticed the right map light was off, pressed the switch to manually turn it on and still nothing (left one is fine). Drove the car for about 5 minutes then pressed the button...
  17. Is this normal?

    Apologies if I'm being completely stupid here but is this normal? It seems to just be water but it's dripping from both mufflers, doesn't seems to be coming from anywhere though
  18. Couldve done without this

    How easy are painted wheels to fix? Looks like a stone has flicked up and caught the wheel
  19. Paint starting to go again

    Not happy to at all! Supposedly went into the best bodyshop to get this sorted, slightly to the right of where the initial issue was. It's starting to bubble up.
  20. Can you check your folding mirrors?

    Evening all, those of you who've taken or are taking delivery of your cars could you check the folding mirrors? We've found on the UK cars the passenger side folds right in but the drivers side barely moves. Trying to figure out if its a fault or just a stupid design. Cheers & have a great...