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  1. Gas particulate filter on new 18-19 GT?

    Absolutely right. The 15-17 cats look very similar to the 18+ ones but the 18+ ones have additional pressure sensor take-offs and temperature sensors. The cats have two bricks in - the GPF itself is in front of the rear brick.
  2. Gas particulate filter on new 18-19 GT?

    I don't see any reason you couldn't fit US cats - they list at over $1,000 each mind you... Yes Whipple supply tunes for our GPF equipped UK cars now - we've fitted three kits so far (2 x auto and 1 manual).
  3. Gas particulate filter on new 18-19 GT?

    The GPF is integral to the catalyst and manifold assembly on the LH bank - on the RH bank there is a separate manifold and then the catalyst/GPF assembly bolts to that. So if you want to remove the GPF the easier way would be to fit catalysts (inc the LH manifold) from a 2015-17 car then...
  4. 2019 GT - Engine management light has come on

    If its just an O2 sensor it’s a quick fix. Obviously it’ll be under warranty anyway. I’m sure you’ll be fine for your trip - probably be good to give the car a decent run too.
  5. GT101 Suite at British GT - Brands Hatch August 4th

    Less than a month to go until British GT at Brands Hatch - we do still have some tickets available so if you'd like to join us then order your tickets now to be sure of a space.
  6. Potential oil cooler failure - Aug 2017 shadow edition

    No timing update from us I'm afraid - still waiting on suppliers. At least people have some options now.
  7. Rear wheel studs

    We found that it was cheaper to buy a whole hub assembly from the US than buy individual studs from Ford UK.
  8. Strut Bar

    The K brace is part of the optional Performance Pack in the US - RHD cars effectively have PP as standard so all already have the K Brace. If you can think of a good use for it let me know as we have spare ones here too...
  9. GT front disk brakes size

    Sorry yes dimpled not drilled - those are the ones. They're not on our online store yet but we can easily supply or supply and fit just drop me a message.
  10. GT front disk brakes size

    Yes Ford parts are really surprisingly costly - Pedders are an Australian company and do really good suspension products - we can supply the Pedders parts so drop us a line if you decide to go down that route.
  11. GT front disk brakes size

    Presuming you don't get anywhere with Ford then it might be worth considering Pedders brake discs and pads. Much cheaper than the Ford OE parts and based on our experience of their other parts the quality should be very good. The discs are one piece drilled and slotted (so handed) and £188 each...
  12. GT101 Open Day - Bank Holiday Monday May 27th

    Looking forward to seeing anyone who’s making the trip out to see us tomorrow. The weather forecast looks great so it should be a great day.
  13. GT101 Open Day - Bank Holiday Monday May 27th

    Our fifth annual Open Day will take place on Bank Holiday Monday May 27th here in Colchester. We will have Ian Cook (Popbangcolour) painting a Mustang related artwork in our workshop, coffee is on us and provided by the excellent Exodus Coffee - there will be home made cakes and hot food...
  14. GT101 Suite at British GT - Brands Hatch August 4th

    Exclusive GT101 Suite at Brands Hatch for British GT August 4th 2019 With three GT4 Mustangs competing in the British GT series this season GT101 have booked a suite at the Brands Hatch round. You will be provided with circuit entry, VIP parking, hot breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and a...
  15. Potential oil cooler failure - Aug 2017 shadow edition

    I don't have a definitive date but we're pressing them to get it up and running as soon as possible. I'll put a thread out when we have it available.
  16. Potential oil cooler failure - Aug 2017 shadow edition

    This will be a comprehensive kit including take off plate with thermatic valve, hoses, brackets, cooler element and all associated hardware. We have a target to have a testable version within the next month.
  17. Potential oil cooler failure - Aug 2017 shadow edition

    In essence yes - a take off plate for the oil side of the cooler is what is needed - ideally one with a thermatic valve in (like the Australian one) so you're not running with cold oil for any longer than you have to. That's the key part - the rest is then hoses, mounting brackets and the cooler...
  18. Potential oil cooler failure - Aug 2017 shadow edition

    Unfortunately despite that being listed for 2015 Mustang it won't fit RHD cars - it uses a sandwich plate to go between the oil filter and filter mount and there's not room for that. It wouldn't replace or remove the plate type cooler that RHD cars have so wouldn't eliminate the problem.
  19. Gas particulate filter on new 18-19 GT?

    You'd need the tune to reflect the change in the exhaust which would mean having a tune written (by someone like Motorsport and Performance). I'm not an expert on the latest MOT standards but I suspect anything that interferes with or removes a GPF will be a fail just as a DPF is treated. Any...
  20. Gas particulate filter on new 18-19 GT?

    The calibration for the 2018+ cars seems very good - when we've run on dyno it's about 50hp down on a 15-17 install which given the increased back pressure is understandable. It doesn't quite have the savage shove of the earlier cars but drives extremely well. Be aware that it's a much slower...