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  1. (Delete)2017 GT350 shadow black w recaros

    Up for sale is my 2017 GT350. Recaro seats. 12k miles. Brand new engine with 7yr/100k warranty that is transferable for a small fee(I asked how much and they didn't know yet). First one was replaced due to oil consumption. I have an offer from a local dealer so it may be gone in a few days...
  2. SOLD-Custom Car Grills and carbon fiber "coyote" license plate

    never got the chance to install this on my '16. comes with adhesive. jonesboro, AR $85 shipped on grill, but I'd like to do local as shipping will kill me. SOLD - faux CF plates off amazon I'll do $15 shipped
  3. GT350 lookalike shift knob

    jonesboro, AR...$50 shipped. she's in good condition with a little wear shown in pics.
  4. WTB: used GT350 or GT premium manual

    ladies and gentlemen, pm/text me what you are trying to sell. i wrecked my 16 GTPP and it's time to replace it. i loved that car and am ready to get into another, make it mine, and enjoy the hell out of it. looking forward to hearing from someone who wants their car to go to someone who'll...
  5. FI GT or GT350??

    I recently wrecked the nicest car I've ever owned(16 GTPP full exhaust, tune, e85). It was and is still sickening to me, but I'm ok and no one was hurt...sooo time to get back in the saddle... My plans all along were to put a PD blower on the car, unless i found a centri for a deal i...
  6. GT decklid with gray plastidip

    Got the MMD decklid for xmas, so this is just sitting around Located in Jonesboro AR....$90 shipped CONUS
  7. SOLD-FRPP Touring Catback - Black tips

    SOLD Selling my catback that's been on the car for around 5-6k miles. I'd rather not ship, but will if that's what I have to do. Located in Jonesboro, AR and will drive to meet if need be. Price-$850 OBO
  8. Stainless power header and corsa sport issue

    How did those of you with this setup mate these two together? The x pipe inlet adapter necks down, and it doesn't fit anyway. How do you connect a 3" pipe to the 3" exhaust? Both sides flare out...Am I missing something obvious or do I need another piece? Thanks
  9. WTT: FRPP touring catback for corsa sport catback

    i've watched too many videos of the hypermotive setups, and the corsa sports with headers just sounds great to me...and as i plan on headers, i wouldn't mind trading if someone else is interested. would also consider the extremes... black tips please<----- (so dirty)
  10. Sold

    SOLD These are off my 2016 and taken off at 5600 miles. I found one chip in a rear, pics to follow. Other than that they're in great condition and ready for a new home. I had the misfortune to run through some highway paint the day I swapped these out for my project6gr wheels so there's a...
  11. delete

    Located in jonesboro, AR No shipping unless for whatever reason you Wana pay for it.
  12. Factory catback 2016 GT...$100

    Located in jonesboro, AR Price...$100 NO SHIPPING Would drive a bit to meet if I can borrow a truck to haul it.