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  1. PP wheels and tires Southern Cal

    Perfect condition wheels and tires from my 2015 PP GT. Were taken off car at 2300 miles. No burnouts or line lock on tires. No TPMS or center caps. Local pickup only in Buena Park, CA. $1000.
  2. GT PP Wheels and Tires For Sale Orange County

    For sale is my 2015 PP wheels and tires. Car had 2300 miles on it when I took them off. No TPMS or center caps. Local pickup only in Buena Park. Wheels are perfect with no scratches, tires are factory P-Zeros with no burnouts, etc. $1000.
  3. Long Beach Mustang Cafe 4/27/16

    Thought I would put this in here also. Good excuse to look at some sweet cars, and have In N Out!
  4. Mustang Cafe Meet in Long Beach 4/27/16

    Just a heads up for anyone that's interested in coming to this. Good group of people. Plus In N Out Burger. Win!
  5. Portillo's in Buena Park TONIGHT! 4/15

    Portillo's in Buena Park is right next to the FFF show on Sunday in the Buena Park Mall shopping center lot. I will be heading over there around 6:30 to hang out/have dinner. If anyone is around and looking for a place to eat tonight come on down. :cheers:
  6. Mustang Cafe TONIGHT in Long Beach 3/23 Heading down to this tonight. :D
  7. Redline Accessories Installed"

    Just had my Redline shift boot, e-brake boot and center console cover installed. Thanks to SCRuby for the e-brake boot and console cover! I took them to a local auto upholstery shop to have installed. Installer was not thrilled with the fit, and said he was surprised at the difficulty he...
  8. Orange County Help with GT350 wheel install

    I just received my GT350 wheel today! I have watched the install videos, but am still not 100% comfortable doing it myself. Was wondering if any local members that have done theirs would be interested in helping me with this? I am in the Cypress area. Any help would be appreciated! :ford: